Make a body pillow from an old bedsheet

Written by Janice Wee

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Fold this rectangle lengthwise. This is going to berepparttar shape of your body pillow.

Sew alongrepparttar 143334 outer edges of this long rectangle, leaving one narrow side open forrepparttar 143335 stuffing.

Now turnrepparttar 143336 rectangle inside out and stuff it withrepparttar 143337 other bed sheet to plump it up.

Sewrepparttar 143338 opening shut and you have a brand new body pillow.

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Top six reasons to buy a digital piano instead of an acoustic.

Written by Mantius Cazaubon

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5. More sounds for less money.

With an acoustic piano, you're basically limited to one piano sound. Digital pianos come with several sounds, giving you so much variety. Sounds range from several piano voices to organs, vibraphones, guitars, harpsichord, strings, bass, and more.

6. They have MIDI capabilities.

Most digital pianos can be connected to a computer through a MIDI interface. MIDI allows you to interact with other electronic music devices. In this technological age, this feature is becoming increasingly necessary, and digital pianos and keyboards are being used to control large MIDI and recording set-ups.

There are several other advantages of having a digital piano such as:

- Built-in rhythym accompaniments

- The ability to record your performance

What arerepparttar drawbacks?

Digital piano manufacturers are getting better and better at duplicatingrepparttar 143200 tone of real acoustic pianos. But no matter how wellrepparttar 143201 piano sound is sampled, it will always sound digital. The acoustic sound is far superior to that of a digital piano.

But forrepparttar 143202 reasons stated above, I'd buy a digital piano any day.

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