Make a Superb First Impression

Written by Arlen Busenitz

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·Act like you are greeting a best friend who has been gone for awhile.

·If you walk into a group, greet or acknowledge every person. Look them inrepparttar eye. Either verbally greet them or at least make eye contact and acknowledge every single person.

·Greet your friends, contacts, and familyrepparttar 124120 same way.

·When someone calls, say a professional "hello". When you find out who is calling, act glad to hear their voice.

What if you DO NOT feel like it? Who cares! ACT enthusiastic to meet them and you will BE enthusiastic to meet them. They will feel important and will be glad to see YOU. You will make an excellent first impression. This technique alone will work wonders for you! You will stand out fromrepparttar 124121 crowd. Customers will want to come back. When a customer sees that you are glad to have them buy from you, they will want to come back and buy MORE from YOU.

You have probably realized that puppies make friends very easily. When they greet a person they smile, wag their tail and are absolutely happy to see you. They want to be your friend. The result is that you in turn want to petrepparttar 124122 puppy, and berepparttar 124123 puppies friend. This same principal works with you social contacts. Be glad to see them and they will usually be glad to see you. You will make a good impression and they will like you. This is just one technique for making a good first impression. Apply it and it will work!

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Sure-Fire Conversation Starters!

Written by Arlen Busenitz

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politics, etc. Show interest in their child, car, or something that they are wearing or holding.Ask how their day is going. "How do you spend most of your time?" Come up with your own conversation starters. Throughout these opening questions you are trying to gain little nuggets of knowledge. You will then use these to show interest in those areas, or ask his/her opinion about them. If he/she reveals that s/he is a writer. Ask his/her opinion on how young writers can get started writing. Continuerepparttar conversation from there using other "Magic- People-Skills" techniques. Observe and look for an opportunity to show interest. This will then get them talking. You need to realize that there is no one right way to start a conversation. Use your mind and decide which phrases to use. If they do not want to talk, do not make them talk. Also give out some information about yourself (use discretion) so it does not seem that you are interrogating them. You knowrepparttar 124119 skills, now apply them.

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