Make a Postcard from your Home Page

Written by June Campbell

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Here is what you do:

1. Take a screen capture of your Web site. PC users, pressrepparttar Print Screen button on your keyboard. Mac users, your instruction manual will tell you a keyboard command to use. A screen capture will save an image of your screen onrepparttar 124489 clipboard if you are using Windows, and onrepparttar 124490 desktop if you are usingrepparttar 124491 Mac. 2. Open your graphics software application. Mac users, openrepparttar 124492 image that appeared on your desktop when you didrepparttar 124493 screen capture. PC users, open a new file then paste your clipboard contents ontorepparttar 124494 new file. (To paste, PC users userepparttar 124495 keyboard command of Control V). Voila! You now have a graphic image of your home page. Edit and resize as desired.

3. Using a sheet of Avery postcards as your guide, lay out a postcard page in your desktop publishing program. Use your creativity to add text or other images if wanted.

4. Design a back page for your postcards, including your return address and any other message you require. You can also add recipients' addresses.

5. Print your front page onto your Avery postcards, using any good quality printer. Then, turnrepparttar 124496 postcards over, being careful to match upsides; and printrepparttar 124497 back page

There you have it. Your own do-it-yourself netposts!

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Offline Promotion: 45 Places Your URL Should Be Seen or Heard

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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E. Offer to speak for free at conferences, meetings, or seminars, then make sure your hand outs include details about your website, ezine, and subscription instructions.

F. Add an insert with your URL into every piece of mail that goes out of your house or business.

G. Donate products or services to raffles with your URL mentioned with/instead of your company or name.

H. Webdecals are a new, inexpensive and fun way to attract attention to your website. People absolutely love them, and they are very simple to use. Webdecals are made of high quality vinyl and printed with state ofrepparttar art digital equipment. Display your website address and more in bold white or black & white letters. People stick them everywhere. In your car windows, store, office and home windows, any place with glass!

I. ID-It Plates: These Elegant mini-Billboards promote YOU 365 days a year, enhancerepparttar 124488 appearance of your vehicles, last for years and most important, give you literally Millions of Impressions over their lifetime.

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