Make a Note/What I Learned from Jack Canfield and Ted Nicholas

Written by Joe Vitale

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Why are all these already successful people still buying how-to information and takes notes at seminars?

I think this is a trait of success. If you want to get ahead, to achieve your dreams, to liftrepparttar bar on past and future successes, then you need to be always learning, growing, thinking, and expanding.

When you're at an event, take notes.

When you're reading books, take notes.

Even though I have my own mentoring program at

where others pay a lot of money to learn my marketing methods, I still read, study, learn and grow. I spend what some may consider a fortune on books. I have this desire to know more, and this realization that I'll never know it all. So I keep reading, and I keep taking notes.

One thing note taking does is reinforce what you are learning. It also makes it more permanent. It's easy to forget what you think you'll always remember. Don't trust your memory.

Write it down. And later, review what you wrote.

If it's good enough for Ted Nicholas and Jack Canfield and me, it ought to be good enough for you, too.

Make a note.

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Five Ways to Speed Up Business Cash Flow

Written by William von Achen

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Shorten Your Payment Terms: Most accounts payable departments schedule your payment based onrepparttar terms printed on your invoice. If you provide 30-day terms, don’t expect to get paid before then. However, many customers won’t even notice if you change your payment terms to 15 days, or request payment upon receipt of your invoice. You’ll still have to nudgerepparttar 147211 same “slow pays,” but your good accounts will probably process your invoice more quickly.

Accept Credit Cards For Payment: This isn’t really a no-cost method, since you’ll have to pay a service fee torepparttar 147212 bank that clearsrepparttar 147213 transaction. But, you’ll get paid within days and eliminate much ofrepparttar 147214 clerical support required to follow up on payment. Those savings alone often more than offsetrepparttar 147215 service charges. And, your customers might even thank you forrepparttar 147216 frequent flier miles they pick up by using their credit card.

There is, of course, one other important way to quickly generate cash for your business, and that is to increase your attention to sales. In all but a handful of cases, increased sales will make cash flow problems disappear.

William von Achen is president of Strategic Management Resources, an executive coaching and management consulting firm offering advice and counsel to business owners and senior executives. For more information visit our web site at

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