Make a Grand Entrance of your Front Door

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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Ventilation - A Roofing Issue

Written by Bob W / Four Seasons Roofing and Siding

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work as proposed. We do advise that roofing warranties are worthless if proper ventilation is not addressed. We also advise of potential conflicts in a given system. Contrary to how most roofing contractors approach a given job, we do not always advocaterepparttar use of a Ridge Vent. Ridge Vents are a fantastic form of exhaust ventilation. If used properly, they can do a world of good. If used improperly,repparttar 100163 results can be disastrous.

We provide you with a written ventilation recommendation based upon government specifications. With this form and your new roof, you have added value and assurance that your roofing system will lastrepparttar 100164 test of time.

Four Seasons Roofing and Siding

Bob Wewer is a 25 year veteran of the roofing profession.

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