Make Your eMail Communications Sell: Drawing the Line Between "Buzz" and "Hype"

Written by Melissa Brewer

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7. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, DON'T SHOUT IN YOUR EMAILS!!!! Emails should be writtenrepparttar way you would hold a conversation. If you were a brick- and-mortar business, would you really introduce yourself and your product to customers with "HI! I'M JACK AND I HAVE A GREAT DEAL FOR YOU!" You're not a used car salesman inrepparttar 109632 seedy part of town. You're a legitimate business. Emulaterepparttar 109633 type of communication you would expect at a Land Rover Dealership.

Ways to Build Buzz

1. Create a professional signature line that explains who you are and what you (or your business) do.

2. Spread your expertise around. Join related discussion lists and DISCUSS. Don't spam or incessantly write about how wonderful your product is. For example, I forward relevant writing jobs torepparttar 109634 lists I belong to every chance I get. This is whererepparttar 109635 signature line comes in: I get at least 5 subscribers from each list I forward information to, every time I forward information. Many discussion lists will also allow you to forward a copy of your newsletter if it is on-topic.

3. Find something newsworthy about yourself or your product -- and write a professional press release. Create a list of industry- specific places -- magazines, newsletters, and other publications that you will send it to. (Use a search engine if you are not familiar with them!)

4. Offer to write articles for other publications--and write them well or outsource them to a ghostwriter. Link to your articles inrepparttar 109636 newsletters you send out and add recent publication links to your signature line.

5. Get reviewed -- no matter what you sell, there's somebody out there who wants it free and is willing to review it if they get it for free. This method will provide you with some genuine testimonials, specific to your business. You can also get your newsletter reviewed by websites. Send a short query offering review copies to websites that are aligned with your interests.

6. Make friends and influence people -- "meet" people in your industry online through their websites, sign their guest books, and send them appreciative emails. Give them tips on promotion. Ask them questions about what works for them. Trade secrets and advertisements once you've established an online relationship.

These are just a few tips on killing hype and getting buzz. I hope you use them well -- happy buzzing and many sales to you!

Melissa Brewer is a freelance writer based in Northern Virginia. She writes articles, manuals, and online content for a plethora of clients. She is currently looking for affiliates willing to sell her eBook on their website -- if you are an affiliate of or other job sites, please email her at for details!

7 Tips for Creating Effective E-Mail Messages

Written by Mike Morgan

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3. Read Slowly, or even one word at a time: This will help you catch double-keyed words and habitual misspellings (for example, I frequently leave offrepparttar "r" in "your")

4. Clean Up Your Language. Always assume that every e-mail, no matter how confidential, will be forwarded, and eventually land on yours boss's desk!

Strike any off-color, sexist, profane, or otherwise objectionable language.

5. Cut Unnecessary Words and Phrases (or fluff) Replace phrases such as "Inrepparttar 109631 event that we ..." with "If we ...".

6. Give clichésrepparttar 109632 ax.

7. Runrepparttar 109633 Spellchecker ... ... but remember that a spellchecker will not catch words that are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly, such asrepparttar 109634 use of "your" instead of you're".

Follow these tips and you'll consistently produce effective emails of a professional nature.

Mike Morgan produces a bi-weekly email newsletter, "The Moonlighting Parent", containing "real" extra income ideas for parents. No MLM. No Chain Letters. No Hype.

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