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Written by Arleen M.Kaptur

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This election day readrepparttar issues, but studyrepparttar 113515 person, their background, and their past records. A leopard could possibly be able to change their spots quicker than many a professional government official. If there is no solid, constant, and sincere effort to hear you,repparttar 113516 voter, then don't take a chance and look at other candidates who might just getrepparttar 113517 job done right - and isn't that why we chooserepparttar 113518 candidates we do - sorepparttar 113519 minimum wage worker hasrepparttar 113520 same voice and deservesrepparttar 113521 same respect asrepparttar 113522 mega-corporations and their requirements?

If we call takerepparttar 113523 time to vote intelligently, from our hearts and our minds, and not whatrepparttar 113524 media tells us to do, wouldn't our family lives and those ofrepparttar 113525 people we love and care about improve?

This election day - chooserepparttar 113526 man/whoman who has their finger onrepparttar 113527 pulse of everyone in our great country, and not in funds created to aid those who need it and now those who run it? Let's entrust our future torepparttar 113528 best candidate who will makerepparttar 113529 best effort to createrepparttar 113530 very best future for everyone and those yet to come. Please vote and let's hope and pray our choices arerepparttar 113531 right ones! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 November

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Written by George Papazoglou

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