Make Your Own Fishing Decor from Fishing Gear

Written by Elly Kendall

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Old fishing poles from yard sales are very cheap and make great curtain rods. I especially likerepparttar cane poles because they are easy to cut to size.

Another idea is to hot glue bobbers and lures all over an old lamp base. I thinkrepparttar 139668 morerepparttar 139669 better on this project, totally coveringrepparttar 139670 base. Of courserepparttar 139671 lamp size and your taste make a difference. If it's a very large lamp or you just don't have enough lures and bobbers you can hot glue solid bands, about 2 inches wide, of hemp rope or twine to fill in larger areas.

A mobile like you see in babies rooms are fun and add an interesting art form to your fishing decor. I prefer to hangrepparttar 139672 fishing gear at different levels instead of all one length. Again I use twigs or sticks for this project's "cross" to hangrepparttar 139673 lures, bobbers etc. from and fishing line to tie it all together.

Old wooden picture frames withrepparttar 139674 glass removed make inexpensive picture boxes. Line a piece of thin cardboard with brown, tan or dark green felt. You can also use fishing print fabric. Put this covered cardboard inrepparttar 139675 frame like you would a picture and hot glue your treasures onrepparttar 139676 felt. A good trick is to use sets of three. Three lures, one underrepparttar 139677 other in a corner, three bobbers side by side for a top row, three hand reels in a row atrepparttar 139678 bottom for weight and one old metal stringer aboverepparttar 139679 reels.

Things I haven't tried yet but are on my list to create include fishing lures withrepparttar 139680 hooks removed as cabinet handles, bobbers or lures for light pulls, fishing net swag aroundrepparttar 139681 bathroom mirror and drift wood with fishing gear as a conversation piece.

Creating your own fishing decor is fun, inexpensive and most of all you have unique decorating items for your home or cabin. Start collecting old fishing gear and let your imagination go.

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10 Innovative Game Features

Written by Winston Malton

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6. Exercise different muscles, muscles that you don't normally use. Staying fit isrepparttar name of this game. It's a good cardiovascular workout. You work up a light sweat, be short of breath, and sweaty atrepparttar 139519 brow after punching for almost 10 minutes.

7. The exercise factor has become a hot new selling point. Manufacturers' biggest problem is getting women more interested in gaming. Now, forrepparttar 139520 first time, they are going to see it. It's made for all fitness abilities. For example, in one three-minute exercise you beat back punching bags coming towards you fromrepparttar 139521 four corners ofrepparttar 139522 screen. This could be accomplished either through precise punching and kicking or wild flailing; either way, you burn calories. It's fairly intense asrepparttar 139523 bags coming at you faster and faster.

8. It would allow players to have their body interact withrepparttar 139524 machine, instead of twiddling a joystick wiht buttons. The next wave in video gaming is all about bombarding your senses with real sensations. So plan on throwing away your old plastic joysticks.

9. Eye-Toy isn't only for virtual boxing; it comes in versions that include ping-pong and even dancing in a dance studio or a Zen garden.

10. Games do not have to be an unhealthy exercise. Now you can finally put a video game to work for you with EyeToy. Appease your addiction to games with your body's need for exercise.

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