Make Your Link Exchanges Sticky Content for Visitors

Written by Toby Wolf

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What'srepparttar secret? There are three of them - target your links directory to your marketplace, organize your links directory and publicize it as you would your main website.

First, target your links directory. It shouldn't be a free-for-all directory. There are plenty of those. Inrepparttar 131633 case of Security Resources, their directory only contains categories and links to sites related to security. Asrepparttar 131634 link directory grows, it will eventually become a very comprehensive directory of great value to anyone who is interested in security resources, websites, publications, etc.

Second, organizing your links based on categories not only helps each outgoing link have more value, (because of less links per page), but it becomes a value add for visitors who are looking for links and information on your targeted topic because they can find what they are looking for. Takerepparttar 131635 time to alphabetize your links, and if you find yourself with over 100 links in a certain category, splitrepparttar 131636 category.

Third, publicize your links directory. Have it as a sub-domain of your main site, or even have its own domain name. Submit it to as many web directories and search engines as you do for your main website.

Dramatic results? No, not hardly, but content is king and if you make your links directory into a valuable component of your website, with ever changing content, you will have a better chance of return visitors.

Toby Wolf was one of the online pioneers, beginning consulting in 1990 & has done work for companies like Dell, AOL, SBC & Amoco. Toby is the founder of AlphaOne Technology, & has designed, managed, or provided search engine optimization for over 200 web sites since 1997.

7 Online Copyright Myths

Written by Judith Kallos

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6) “If I pay someone to create graphics for my Web site, I ownrepparttar copyright to those graphics.”

Not necessarily. Unless your agreement withrepparttar 131631 graphic artist explicitly states that upon your payment all of their rights are then transferred to you, you most likely only have exclusive license to use those graphics. And to purchaserepparttar 131632 full copyright will cost you a bunch more than simple exclusivity!

Understand thatrepparttar 131633 moment anything is created whether it be written or drawn,repparttar 131634 creator ownsrepparttar 131635 copyright ­ that’srepparttar 131636 law. Overrepparttar 131637 years I've had clients claim they own copyright just because they paid me to create this or that. It simply, legally, is notrepparttar 131638 case (and my contract(s) clearly state this - including their option to purchase my copyright if they so choose).

Copyright can _only_ be transferred in a written legally binding agreement signed byrepparttar 131639 creator ofrepparttar 131640 work stating they are transferring their rights to you. Saying you own it because you paid for it doesn't make it legal fact. If you do not have a written agreement specifically transferringrepparttar 131641 copyright to you, you do not ownrepparttar 131642 copyright to those graphics.

7) “E-mail is not copyright protected once it is sent.”

E-mail is a written work that once created is copyright protected byrepparttar 131643 author. This means you cannot post publicly an e-mail sent to you privately. You cannot post private e-mails to your site, to message boards or to your blog withoutrepparttar 131644 author’s specific permission to do so.

Just because an e-mail was sent to you as a private communication does not mean you then own it and can do with it what you like. In addition, e-mail that is posted to a group of people, on a mailing list or Newsgroup does not makerepparttar 131645 e-mail available for reposting, copying, or any other use - not withoutrepparttar 131646 express and written consent ofrepparttar 131647 writer.

What'srepparttar 131648 bottom line with online copyright?

Courtesy! Don't assume that you can use, repost or take anything you find online simply because you can. Be a courteous Netizen and always ask first!

You might be interested to find a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) page and policy statement on your ISP and hosting provider’s Web sites to handle complaints and reports ofrepparttar 131649 above types of copyright abuse. Take some time to read that information and make yourself aware of your rights and make sure you do not infringe on others. The main resource for allrepparttar 131650 legal mumbo jumbo on online copyright andrepparttar 131651 DMCA is onrepparttar 131652 Government’s site @

Again, I am not an attorney nor am I providing legal advice. I hope I've informed you of some ofrepparttar 131653 issues that need to be seriously considered by all who are online whether they are creating their own or using others creative or written works.

Judith Kallos is an authoritative and good-humored Technology Muse. Check out her new book: "Because Netiquette Matters! Your Comprehensive Reference Guide to E-mail Etiquette and Proper Technology Use" @:

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