Make Your Free Ads Work For You!

Written by Kristy A. Taylor

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That leads me torepparttar two-step system. What you will need:

~ an autoresponder (free is fine, but doesn't look as professional when it's laden with 3rd party ads).


~ a direct response one to two page mini web site.

An autoresponder will allow you to use your two-liner very effectively. The prospect will know thatrepparttar 101009 information (this is where you can placerepparttar 101010 much longer ad copy that is usually supplied with affiliate programs, but please try to rewrite some of it in your own words) will be delivered to them instantly, and you will be able to capture their e-mail address in order to send follow-ups ifrepparttar 101011 'fish' aren't biting. Remember, it has been said that a prospect will need to see an ad approximately seven times before they will buy.

A direct response mini site presentsrepparttar 101012 prospect withrepparttar 101013 ad copy, similar to your first autoresponder message, and immediately offers them a way to orderrepparttar 101014 product, as should your autoresponder message.

Both of these methods work quite well, and implementing them is really a very simple process. Be simple, be direct and above all else, be quick. The Internet has changedrepparttar 101015 meaning of customer service; people are no longer willing to stand in line or wait forrepparttar 101016 mailman. They want their product and they want it now! So you need to be - IMMEDIATE!

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How To Get Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of FREE Publicity

Written by Noel Peebles

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5. Have you or your staff recently completed any specialist training?

6. Do you do charitable work or do you sponsor a club?

7. Could you host special events like free demonstrations, free lessons, free seminars?

These are all media opportunities that haverepparttar potential to make you and your business famous... well, for a short time anyway.

I'll give you a couple of examples from my own experience.

When I first started in business I had a craft store and regularly had various experts give demonstrations on glass blowing, pottery making and china painting etc. I also held art exhibitions for well-known artists. The amount of free publicity my business got would have run into many tens of thousands of dollars. The publicity cost me nothing, apart from a little time and organization. It resulted in hundreds of new customers and thousands of extra dollars inrepparttar 101008 cash register.

Also, back in my days inrepparttar 101009 toy trade,repparttar 101010 media were always interested in what children wanted for Christmas. They had a fixation to know "what's hot and what's not!" So, every Christmas I would tellrepparttar 101011 media what kids wanted Santa to give them for Christmas. Or, to put it another way... "what parents should buy their kids for Christmas." I knew, because demand was driven by television advertising and by what I had on my shelves. Every year without fail I got thousands of dollars worth of free publicity. It was that easy.

The really good part of all this, is that a news story is worth far more in terms of credibility than advertising. There are opportunities for any and every business to get free media coverage. You just have to hunt them out.

Noel Peebles. Market Leaders Limited.

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