Make Your Fortune in a Paper Business

Written by J. Stephen Pope

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5. Webmastering

Another knowledge-based paper business is webmastering. Whether you design websites, perform internet marketing, or render other needed services, your business is again mainly intangible services backed up by paper records and contracts.

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6. International Trade

Many times import and export transactions can be conducted on a commission basis. It is also possible to buy, sell and ship merchandise without ever having even seen it. Letters of credit, bills of lading, and other agreements are needed in this paper business. For further information and resources about import-export, visit

7. Licensing

Instead of trying to financerepparttar manufacturing and marketing of your invention, why not license it to a company withrepparttar 117581 expertise and capability required? You will then receive royalties in return for your idea.

As well, you could become a licensing agent, arranging licensing deals on behalf of other companies and individuals, taking a percentage of sales as compensation. For further information and resources about licensing, visit

There are many other paper businesses that you could consider, including mortgage brokering, commission sales, equipment leasing, real estate, and franchising. This is by no means an exhaustive list. With some thoughtful consideration, you, too, could make your fortune from a paper business.

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J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to earn maximum business profits for over twenty years.

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J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to earn maximum business profits for over twenty years. Visit his Work at Home Business Ideas Directory at

A "Cyber" Staffing Solution for Small Businesses

Written by Christina Morfeld

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VAs with limited time or creative abilities often partner with other companies (such as mine, Affinity Business Communications, ) that specialize in writing, graphic design, or other services outside their own area of expertise. These affiliations offerrepparttar convenience of "one-stop shopping" and strengthenrepparttar 117580 value that both firms provide to their clients.

VAs typically charge between $30 and $75 per hour. While this may seem costly at first, remember that - as independent contractors - they do not generate expenses related to payroll, benefits, equipment and supplies, downtime, and, in most cases, training. Rather, VAs are highly-skilled business professionals who (a) have fully-equipped home offices, (b) are ready to "hitrepparttar 117581 ground running," (c) only get paid for time worked, and (d) enable you to focus your energies onrepparttar 117582 income-generating activities that you enjoy.

Delegating administrative details is only one ofrepparttar 117583 many rewards of aligning yourself with a VA. VAs strives for long-term, collaborative, and goal-oriented partnerships with their clients and work closely with them to grow and manage their businesses. As entrepreneurs themselves, they understandrepparttar 117584 unique needs and challenges of SOHOs.

Bottom line: A talented and enterprising VA recognizes that he or she has a vested interest in your success. Working withinrepparttar 117585 context of that strategic relationship, he or she is always mindful ofrepparttar 117586 "big picture" and committed to outstanding results!

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