Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse!

Written by Denise Hall

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Those items are put there on purpose so you'll buy something else while you wait in line to pay for your other purchases. It's called "impulse buying." Retailers have used it for years.

Another offline marketing tactic is "loss leaders." Retailers advertise an item at or below cost to get customers into their store. Oncerepparttar customers are there, they'll normally buy more than justrepparttar 117293 advertised special.

Sorepparttar 117294 retailer takes a loss on one product to sell other products that will bring profits. Pretty clever, huh?

These concepts can, and should, be used for online businesses. Offer your customers a freebie or second item at half price with their purchase of any product at regular price. Or 25% off "Today Only" on one or more of your products.

Customers like to shop for bargains, but onrepparttar 117295 internet your website, ezine or sales letter can get lost inrepparttar 117296 vast array of reading material potential customers see everyday.

Make your offer stand out. Your customers will want that candy bar if it comes with a second one for half price. They'll need your newest product if they get one of your other products for $10 offrepparttar 117297 regular price.

So dare to make them an offer they can't resist! Your customers will get a great deal and you'll have more sales.

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Surplus Merchandise, the Direct Under Wholesale Source

Written by Dr Bruno

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or excess merchandise, often as low at .10 onrepparttar dollar, providing a cash injection forrepparttar 117292 seller. This merchandise is then resold at prices substantially below wholesale. One way to source surplus merchandise is to searchrepparttar 117293 Directory of U.S. Importers and Exporters, available in many public libraries.

Purchased in small quantities these products can be retailed or sold at auctions for substantial profit. And forrepparttar 117294 savvy surplus finder a substantial payday can result.

Dr. B James C Bruno

Owned an operated a surplus merchandise wholesale business for more than 11 years.

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