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Written by Matt Colyer

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5. Title Tag - The title tag is one ofrepparttar most powerful on-site SEO at your disposal, so use it wisely. Put your most important keyword inrepparttar 127931 title close torepparttar 127932 beginning as posable, keep it short and torepparttar 127933 point.

7. Optimize your site size - Too many images or very large images on your web page will slow down your server and cause slow loading times for your site. Slice large images into smaller pieces with a graphic editors. Also to long of pages and to much text will dorepparttar 127934 same.

8. Find backward links - Web sites that link to yours raise your link popularity. Search for web sites that are compatible with yours. Write articles that are related to your site and submit them to sites like or

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Gogle Search Engine - Analyzing the Misspelling Strategy

Written by Alec Duncan

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Finding Common Misspellings It is pretty easy to come up with misspellings for your targeted keywords, however, incorporating them into your content may not be as easy. With a little imagination you can come up with several methods to keep your content legitimate for your users andrepparttar search engines.

Usingrepparttar 127930 Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google Search Results you can decide which misspellings getrepparttar 127931 most searches and which are highly competitive hence which ones would be worth your while to optimize for.

Here’s how you do it. Userepparttar 127932 Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool to see how many searches there are forrepparttar 127933 misspelling. If this number is satisfactory for you then do a Gogle Search forrepparttar 127934 misspelling and see how many results Gogle has for this keyword. If this number is too high then there may be too much competition for this keyword and you might want to try another.

Summary People will always make mistakes and these will include misspellings. If you can reach out further to your target market by incorporating words that they may misspell to find your site, in a tasteful manner, then gearing pages of your website for misspellings should be considered when optimizing your website.

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