Make That Small Room a "Lodge Look" Home Office

Written by Pat Stelzer

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Nothing, no one item, unless you have an antique desk or something of that nature, should completely overwhelm or controlrepparttar visual impact ofrepparttar 100186 room. Look for ideas in a magazine called Early American Life, because much of what is used in those settings are what could be called primitive, and can easily move intorepparttar 100187 kind of setting you want to achieve.

Pat Stelzer is a former writer, columnist, reporter, and retired school teacher, currently an adjunct instructor at a community college. She has a long running interest in home decorating and in rustic or folk art pieces, her own 175-year-old home a veritable collection of many types of Americana and folk art.

Putting PASSION back into home decorating

Written by Veronyka Lau

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Good planning that takes these human factors into account will ensure that no matter how often you choose to make transformations in your home or how radicalrepparttar style, it doesn't throw your lifestyles out of whack by negatively impacting critical spaces, creating odd corners and circulation of movement. This home improvement blueprint can also guide you in making those big-ticket furniture purchases and lessenrepparttar 100185 urge for impulsive imprudent buys.

With a good understanding ofrepparttar 100186 form and movement in your home as well as lifestyle needs, embarking on small-scale projects to give your home a new look and feel, be it asian, modern classic or gothic revival, would be fun, fulfilling and ultimately successful.

On a more personal level, families can also use this kind of home planning exercise as a way to find out more about each other's lifestyle needs and involve everyone inrepparttar 100187 vision of making their homes cosy, lively and liveable.

Lighting - Endless possibilities with a small budget.

Everyone's moods are ever changing - sunny and bright, contemplative, dark, romantic, sultry - if only you could transform your home as often as you change your moods!

You can withrepparttar 100188 right lighting. The same room can look vastly different under different modes of illumination. A good lighting system will afford you a variety of lighting conditions, soft and warm for entertaining, bright and efficient for household chores like ironing, focused and glare-free for reading.

If you have a small budget and big plans for your home, designing a multi-purpose lighting system may be your finest investment. Lighting not only invokes fancy, it also helps put an attractive glow on old, uncoordinated furnishings (and don't we all have those aroundrepparttar 100189 house).

Home designing and decorating can be a most frustrating yet infinitely fulfilling activity. Start with a bright attitude, a good understanding ofrepparttar 100190 design process and plenty of communication between family members and you are not likely to go wrong.

Veronyka is a partner and designer at Incubate Interior Design, Singapore.

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