Make Sure You’re Holding The Right Cards

Written by Debbie Allen

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The goal of an organization should be to create a strong, immediate message that clearly defines its business. The message must connect an emotional bond withrepparttar customers, both verbally and visually. This same image and message must be coherent on all marketing materials ranging from a company's business card, advertising, packaging and signage to its website.

Once organizations recognizerepparttar 148127 need to improve their business image on their marketing materials, it can be easy to makerepparttar 148128 changes needed to update and improve. The solution is often a small investment in a graphic artist and a marketing consultant.

Where do you start? A great place to start is to take a close look at your business card as if you were a prospective customer. First compare it withrepparttar 148129 list of top 10 mistakes below then takerepparttar 148130 business card ranking quiz online at

The 10 Most Common Business Card Mistakes

1. Scrambles messages with inconsistent design elements. 2. Does not clearly define your business services and/or products. 3. Does not make you memorable (in a good way). 4. Indicates unflattering things about your business. 5. Does not generate additional business. 6. Creates a cluttered impression. 7. Omits essential information, or is filled with non-essential information. 8. Looks out of date, or information no longer applies. 9. Is hard to read or confusing torepparttar 148131 eye. 10. Lacks a point of interest, image or theme.

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Debbie Allen is an international business speaker and author of five books on sales and marketing. She has presented before thousands of people in nine countries aroundrepparttar 148132 world. Debbie isrepparttar 148133 founder of ‘International Business Image Improvement Month (May)’ which was created to help people improve their marketing materials and present a more professional business image to attract more customers. Take her free online business card quiz to see if you’re holdingrepparttar 148134 right cards at


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Guidelines for Corporate Gift Giving

Written by Diana Barnum

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- Corporate gift giving should make recipients feel good about their accomplishments. Give gifts that cost aboutrepparttar same price acrossrepparttar 148126 board.

- If your company uses corporate gift giving as a holiday gift, make sure to checkrepparttar 148127 recipient's religious or cultural background.

- If you prefer to give corporate gifts in person, you should always checkrepparttar 148128 recipients schedule to ensure that you are coming at a good time for them.

Gifts are available for all budget ranges from free coupons for an electronic download (like an ebook) to practically any dollar amount you want to budget. So when you are looking for ways to show your appreciation and support, reach out with a gift. A place to bookmark isrepparttar 148129 Gift-Gallery at for no-cost registration to great gift ideas and more...


By Diana Barnum, president of and CEO of . For more help with marketing, public relations and writing, email or call: (614) 529-9459



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