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Written by Roshan Lalithkumar

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This is a great utility for any webmaster who is offering content feeds to their visitors. To see an example ofrepparttar script in action, go to quickSub’s homepage.

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What is website monitoring all about?

Written by David Leonhardt

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"You mean your European customers can't accessrepparttar site?" Ruby asked.

"That's what I thought at first. Whenrepparttar 146258 Hong Kong monitoring station reported an alert, I assumedrepparttar 146259 transatlantic connection was blocked. But whenrepparttar 146260 Florida monitoring station reported in, I had to checkrepparttar 146261 site. And guess what?"

"I guess that you won't be home for dinner."

"Sorry. I have to get onrepparttar 146262 line withrepparttar 146263 web host and straighten this all out."

"Hey, that's OK. I'm just happy you get instant those alerts. I would hate to see you get that call during our dinner and have to go allrepparttar 146264 way back intorepparttar 146265 office. Let me know when you're coming home."

"OK. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Bye."

Carl checkedrepparttar 146266 more detailed report online. Here is an example.

As Carl dialed his ISP, he realized it would likely be a long evening. But not as long as if he received less frequent reports. And not as long asrepparttar 146267 next day would be ifrepparttar 146268 website had been offline forrepparttar 146269 next.

And that's what website monitoring is all about.

David Leonhardt is a Canadian website marketing and SEO consultant. Get more details on web site monitoring at this website monitoring page or at Monitoring-Central.

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