Make Money Writing Fillers

Written by Teraisa J. Goldman

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In addition to more money for amount of time spent working, fillers are a terrific way to getrepparttar editors used to your work, style and name.

And after you send in a filler?

Don't sit around waiting for a response... get to work! Send another filler. There is a market for your work and it's waiting for you.

Filler Markets

Adventure Journal, The Adventure Travel Magazine: Travel Publishing Group, Inc. 50 Oak Street Suite 30 San Francisco, California 94102 Needs: anecdotes, facts, newsbreaks, short humor, 50-150 words. Pays $50-150.

Angels On Earth: Guideposts, Inc. 16 E. 34th Street New York, New York 10016 Needs: short angel incidents, attributed quotes about angels. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for 6*x9* SAE with $1.01 postage.

Catholic Digest P.O. Box 64090 St. Paul, MN 55164 (612)962-6739 fax: (612)962-6755 EMail: Needs: Jokes, short anecdotes, quizzes, and informational paragraphs. Pays: $2.00 per published line.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine 1819 Bay Ridge Avenue Annapolis, Maryland 24403 Needs: boat and boating anecdotes, news and more.

Cricket Magazine P.O. Box 300 Peru, Illinois 61354 Needs: math puzzles, challenging mazes, crossword puzzles, crafts, recipes, plays, music, and art. Ages 9-14.

Family Circle Bright Ideas (post cards, only) P.O. Box 5028 Grand Central Station New York, New York 10017 Pays $50 if they print your tip. Call 1-888-216-7219 for examples.

The Family Handyman "Great Goofs" 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700 Eagan, Minnesota 55121 Needs: funny goof up stories about your handyman follies and escapades. Buys all rights. Pays $100

Get It In Writing! P.O. Box 20336 Carson City, Nevada 89721-0336 Needs: Anything related to writers and/or writing. Short quotes, advice, tips, comedy and more.

LIVE 1445 Boonville Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894 Needs: Christian anecdotes, short humor, 300-600 words. Pays 7 - 10 cents a word. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for #10 SASE

Mademoiselle Reader Mail 4 Times Square 17th Floor New York, New York 10036 E-mail: Needs: opinions, thoughts, tips, how to pluck your eyebrows withoutrepparttar 129334 pain... you getrepparttar 129335 picture. Pays: $50 if they print your writing.

Our Family, Oblate Fathers of St. Mary's Province P.O. Box 249 Battleford, Saskatchewan SOM OEO Canada Needs: jokes, gags, anecdotes, short humor. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for 9X12 SAE with $2.50 postage. Only Canadian postage or IRC useful in Canada.

Politically Correct Magazine Turquoise Butterfly Press P.O. Box 750 Athens, Ohio 45701-0750 Needs: facts, gags to be illustrated by cartoonist, newsbreaks, poetry, short humor, 20-200 words. Pays 1 cent a word. Writer's guidelines for #10 SASE.

Radiance Magazine On-line Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women P.O. Box 30246 Oakland, CA 94604 Phone: 510-482-0680 Fax: 510-482-1576 E-mail: Needs: Short stories, poetry, kid's projects, book reviews and tips. Pays: Book Reviews: $35 to $75, Profiles: $50 to $100, Short Stories $35 to $50, Poetry: $10 tocom $15.

Ranger Rick, National Wildlife Federation 8925 Leesburg Pike Vienna, Virginia 22184 Not buying riddles, word searches, dot-to-dot or crossword puzzles. Needs: nature-related, challenging, original freelance puzzles, something an 8-10 year old can finish without help.

Short Stuff, for Grown-ups Bowman Publications P.O. Box 7057 Loveland, Colorado 80537 Needs: anecdotes, short humor, 20-500 words. No x-rated adult fare. Pays $1-5. Sample copy and writer's guidelines for $1.50 and 9x12 SAE with 5 first-class stamps.

Strange Horizons Magazine E-mail: and type "POETRY SUB: Your poem title" inrepparttar 129336 subject line. Plain text inrepparttar 129337 body ofrepparttar 129338 email. No attachments please. Needs: Poetry Submissions: under 100 words, no simultaneous submissions Pays: $10 to $20.

True Crime Fanatic Newsletter and Website Post Office Box 20336 Carson City, Nevada 89721-0336 E-mail: Needs: True crime articles, stories, news and book reviews for website and newsletter. Reprints are fine. Pays: $5 for articles/stories/news over 1800 words; $3 for articles/stories/news up to 1800 words and over 1,000 words; book reviewers and all others are given a byline AND A BIO page for links, works and pictures. $1 per use of orginal photos. Paid within 60 days of publication. We NEVER ask for all rights!

Working Mother Editorial Department Working Mother Magazine 135 West 50th Street New York, NY 10020. Needs: Articles and tips dealing with time, home and money management, family relationships, and job-related (work/family) issues. 700 to 1500 words. Pays: Did not mention.

Writer's Digest 1507 Dana Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 Needs: anecdotes and (short) humor for or about writers, writing, andrepparttar 129339 writing life, 50-250 words.


Teraisa's words can be read in books and publications such as: More the Write Advice, Christian Unschooling: Growing in the Freedom of Christ, Woman's Day, Highlights For Children, Baby Years, True Crime Chronicles and The Writing Parent. She's Nevada State Representative for ByLine Magazine and is finishing up The U-Haul Murders: True Crime and Capital Punishment. In her spare time, she enjoys homeschooling her three wonderful girls.

Why Art?

Written by Joseph Devon

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Once a division ofrepparttar Japenese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some ofrepparttar 129332 officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasanís temple. Gasan told his cook: ďLetrepparttar 129333 officers have onlyrepparttar 129334 same simple fare we eat.Ē This maderepparttar 129335 army men angry, as they were used to very differential treatment. One came to Gasan and said: ďWho do you think we are? We are soldiers, sacrificing our lives for out country. Why donít you treat us accordingly?Ē Gasan answered sternly: ďWho d you think we are? We are soldiers of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings.Ē

I donít have quiterepparttar 129336 guile that this simple monk had. I have too much respect for indoor plumbing. I donít have quiterepparttar 129337 guile, but I wish I did because that monk was standing up for me right there. Inrepparttar 129338 battle of tangible verse transcendent, he found both fields to be perfectly equal and necessary. I think I know why. Art is communication. After all, what is speech but highly stylized singing? Sounds and inflections honed to an exact degree making communication possible. Itís all just noise, itísrepparttar 129339 composition that gives it meaning. And where does writing stem from if not painting? Think about that next time youíre writing freehand. Pay attention to you pen as it moves acrossrepparttar 129340 page, what are you doing, how are you expressing thoughts? You are painting, painting stokes and lines which encode our language into a readable form. Writing, all writing, scientific or poetic, is painting. Itís all art. And what isrepparttar 129341 fundamental form of engineering,repparttar 129342 arch, if not sculpture? Where would modern medicine be without photography? What is geometry if not painting? Math more ofrepparttar 129343 same? As it turns out, I donít even believe art and science to be as opposed as they first appear. I believe theyírerepparttar 129344 same process at work in two different types of minds. The equations and theories that are taken for granted by science today came from somewhere, and I donít think that Newton watchingrepparttar 129345 apple, Archmedes in his tub, Einstien ponderingrepparttar 129346 atom, I donít think that any of these moments are any different fromrepparttar 129347 clarity I seek when pondering a plot point. I believe thatrepparttar 129348 world of science came to be while someone ponderedrepparttar 129349 universe onrepparttar 129350 tangible level. Inspiration struck, and thenrepparttar 129351 insight contained within was captured to be communicated with others. Does that sound so different from what you do? It doesnít sound so different to me. But whilerepparttar 129352 greats of science have ponderedrepparttar 129353 tangible, I ponderrepparttar 129354 intangible. Math and science can have their neatly provable formulas and theories. There is no equivalent inrepparttar 129355 world Iíve chosen to enter because when Iím sitting in my tub pondering things, it is notrepparttar 129356 physical world Iím pondering. It is my world within,repparttar 129357 world of my heart and soul. My answers are just as real, but they canít be measured inrepparttar 129358 physical world. My answers are just as real, but there is no way to point to something concrete when dealing with matters ofrepparttar 129359 heart. But my answers are just as real, and they're just as important, I know this because of my father's question. The engineers can build their bridge, and Iím thankful for them doing it. It'srepparttar 129360 people walking across that I must look over. Forrepparttar 129361 man walking across who is walking without a clear idea why, forrepparttar 129362 woman who is terrified of what lies ahead, and even forrepparttar 129363 child whose dog has just died. Iíve got answers for you. And if I donít have them now, Iíll keep looking until I find them. Iíll get them to you just as soon as I find them. Iíll get them to you as soon as I can. Iíll get them to you just as long as I can continue to write.

Joseph Devon, author of The Letter

Joseph Devon has written two full length novels and numerous articles and short stories. He currently resides in New York.

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