"Make Me Feel Special"

Written by Yvonne Finn

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That is why one ofrepparttar most explosive market is in self-improvement. It is growing so fast, it's practically taken on a life of it's own. This might seem somewhat contradictory, because, I have just said humans want to be known and accepted as they are.

However, every person feels that there is something they want to improve about themselves and that there is a way to do it. But, as many of us have learned, we do not make lasting changes because we were made to feel "unspecial" by harsh criticisms.

We want to to berepparttar 142876 author of our self-improvements or what I call "increased specialness"! So while we want self-discovery and aim for self-improvement, we NEED to feel special. We will gravitiate towards any person who can genuinely give us this "special" feeling. It takes a special person to make every person that they encounter feel this specialness, but it's a goal worth reaching for. It could even bring about world peace! Now there's a goal to make you even more "special".

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Joi Sigers

Written by Thank You Notes and Baseball

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Often when I'm at Kroger, (an institution onrepparttar receiving end of all my gratitude and money) I grab extra little surprises for my daughters - whether it's Ice Cream, Nerds, Runts, a new magazine whatever. I usually grab these treats even before I beginrepparttar 142875 actual shopping. One ofrepparttar 142876 reasons they're so FUN to buy things for is because they're always so grateful. They say "Thanks!" with a smile in their voice immediately upon receipt and never, ever fail to mention it again later inrepparttar 142877 day.

If they hadn't always been so incredibly thankful, I doubt I'd be such a walking Willy Wonka expert right now! It's just rewarding to do things for people who appreciate it. Everyone's a winner, everybody feels good.

I've seen far too many kids who, when given something by a parent or grandparent take it as though it'srepparttar 142878 leastrepparttar 142879 adult could've done. They're countenance says, "I had that coming." Were Irepparttar 142880 adults in question, my countenance would have plenty to say in response!

Once at a baseball game I couldn't hold my tongue. Okay, truth be known, I didn't actually try, so I don't know whether I could or not. A player left his stretching routine to come over and sign a ball for an obnoxious autograph-seeking 12 year old. The player smiled, said "How you doing, buddy?" and signed his name. The kid (nor his mom!) ever uttered a word,repparttar 142881 boy just watchedrepparttar 142882 ball andrepparttar 142883 mom just watchedrepparttar 142884 young man inrepparttar 142885 uniform. After he gaverepparttar 142886 ball back torepparttar 142887 kid,repparttar 142888 mom and son turned to leave. I said, "What should you say?" to whichrepparttar 142889 kid muttered a "Thanks" over his shoulder. The mom just looked bewildered (can't blame her I guess, it was a really tough question). The player and I exchanged looks and he said, "They hardly ever say thank you." How many shades of wrong is that?!

Not only should we, as adults, be more gracious, we need to start demanding it from our young people. Otherwise,repparttar 142890 future will be full of ungrateful, unthankful, sour-faced individuals who thinkrepparttar 142891 world owes them rather than thinking they owerepparttar 142892 world.

The thought should keep you up at nights.

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