Make Gift Baskets For Fun & Profit

Written by Lisa Maliga

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Chocolate Lover ~ Chocolate bars, chocolate candy/bon-bons, chocolate cookies, hot chocolate mix, cocoa butter lip balm, cheesecake, chocolate scented bath & body products, chocolate candy, and gift certificates. Coffee Lover ~ Sometimes you can combine this withrepparttar Tea Lover gift basket. Varieties of coffee, honey, creamer, sweetener, coffee mugs, coffee pot, Thermos, coffee-scented soap, coffee sugar scrub, coffee-scented candles, coffee shop gift certificates. Corporate/Executive ~ Wine, spirits, gourmet foods, imported chocolate, personalized gifts bearing company logo, cheesecake, fully stocked picnic basket, and gift certificates. Gourmet ~ Pancake mix, imported jams, cheesecake, candies, cookies, cheese, chocolate, condiments, teas, coffee, fruits, syrup, smoked salmon, truffles, olive oil, imported vinegars, pasta, biscotti and gift certificates. Sports Lover ~ Sports Lovers baskets can include a variety of general sports, or specialize in one sport like golf, football, hockey, etc. Including tickets to a game, a stopwatch, popcorn, nuts, wine, beer, snacks, cheese, toys, t-shirts, baseball cap, autographed team/sport merchandise, and gift certificates. Tea Lover ~ Sometimes you can combine this withrepparttar 116113 Coffee Lover gift basket. Varieties of tea bags, tea cups/mugs, honey, teapot, tea infuser, blocks of tea, tea cakes, wafers, cookies, tea-scented soap, tea-scented candles and gift certificates. Wine & Cheese ~ Fine wine, wine glasses, champagne, napkins, cheese, cheeseballs, cheese spread, crackers, biscuits, wine soap, and gift certificates. Other Theme Ideas ~ Movie Lover, Congratulations, Easter, Pet Lover, Retirement, Anniversary, 21st Birthday, Sweet 16, Game Lover, Music Lover, Gardener, Book Lover, etc.

Buying Your Gift Basket & Accessories Finding an excellent bargain forrepparttar 116114 basket itself is quite easy. You can locate them at your local dollar store, Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift shops, flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, craft stores, discount stores and online.

Also, donít be afraid to be creative when selecting a basket. You can easily find other sizes/shapes that will perfectly match your theme. A Christmas sleigh for Christmas presents is an obvious choice. But how about a bucket, mailbox, birdhouse, birdcage, or large mug to name just a few alternative basket ideas?

Cellophane, organza bags, tissue paper, ribbon/bows and plastic grass/shredded paper, can be located at discount stores, drug stores, craft stores, packing suppliers, and online.

Once youíve made your first gift basket you might be hooked to this creative way to give gifts and will make many more! Gift basket assembling is a profitable business that can be started right in your own home. Make certain you have enough storage space for all your baskets and supplies! Investigate wholesale options forrepparttar 116115 products you will be adding to gift baskets. And make sure you do your research about starting a small home-based business.

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Learn some feng shui guidelines for your children's room

Written by Jakob Jelling

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As with all bedrooms,repparttar bed position is very important. First of all, your child's bed should not be right acrossrepparttar 116112 door. Besides, it should ideally have a wall at one side and be in such a position that allows him to easily seerepparttar 116113 door. If possible,repparttar 116114 bed should be in a corner since that would makerepparttar 116115 child feel secure and sleep better.

Also,repparttar 116116 position in whichrepparttar 116117 child sleeps can influencerepparttar 116118 time he wakes up and how deep he sleeps. If your child has problems waking up, you should place his bed in a position which allows him to sleep with his head towards east or south. Onrepparttar 116119 other hand, if he has light sleep, his head should be towards north or west.

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