Make Change Easy - Get Involved!

Written by Martin Haworth

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This can, with acute awareness onrepparttar part of senior managements, moverepparttar 149607 organisation from fire-fighting when things go wrong, to an ongoing search for quality, review and questioning of assumptions. This becomes as Ricardo Semler found in his wonderful book, ‘Maverick’, rewarding holistically, forrepparttar 149608 organisation,repparttar 149609 employees and alsorepparttar 149610 locality as a whole.

A marvellous example of embracing change, freeing a business owner and exemplar leader, and his team to realise their true potential.

An exercise to consider...

  1. Think about changes where you have been involved.

  2. How wererepparttar 149611 changes launched to you?

  3. What were your feelings atrepparttar 149612 time?

  4. What are your feelings now, in retrospect?

  5. What might have maderepparttar 149613 experience better, in light ofrepparttar 149614 information above?

  6. How might you have ‘done it differently’?

  7. In your own organisations, what opportunities do you have for involving your people in change?

  8. How could you explore this further?

  9. What could you do inrepparttar 149615 next month?

  10. What will you do?
Change is an opportunity which can grab you any way you choose - or you can takerepparttar 149616 lead and choose your own path...

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Reverse merger: A vision without a strategy is a prescription for failure.

Written by Joseph Quinones

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An entrepreneur must check his ego and keep it under control in order be able to lead those around him, nobody likes to work with an egomaniac.

I believe that meetings can be useful or a waste of time, if all you do at a meeting is informrepparttar staff of what you are doing or what you would like them to do, you are wasting valuable time that could be use to implement repparttar 149507 corporate strategy. This can be done with a memo.

In order for a meeting to be of some value it must include a free exchange of ideas, a good leader seeks to know what those who are inrepparttar 149508 corporate battle field think. Because they arerepparttar 149509 one who are inrepparttar 149510 trenches, in a position to be able to hear what customers and employees are thinking and saying.

A good advisory service can sometimes be beneficial to assist inrepparttar 149511 evaluation of potential merger and acquisition candidates, to help identify potential candidates for joint ventures, or investment. Also helps withrepparttar 149512 due diligence process,repparttar 149513 structuring ofrepparttar 149514 transaction andrepparttar 149515 development of corporate strategies for growth and investment.

A good advisory service will evaluate your company and advise you as torepparttar 149516 best way to go public, either traditional IPO, Reverse Merger or Regulation D (504) offering.

Oncerepparttar 149517 decision has been made on which method to use in going public (for many small companies is either Reverse merger or Regulation D (504) offering.) The consultant used, must be able to guide you throughrepparttar 149518 intricacies ofrepparttar 149519 public arena. And have financial industry contacts.

Don’t sit on your dream waiting forrepparttar 149520 perfect situation because it may never come, had Bill Gates waited until Microsoft’s public shares could justify a higher price before going public, he might still be waiting.

Microsoft and Yahoo are not isolated situation but just two of many who looked atrepparttar 149521 challenge and saw an opportunity. I guessrepparttar 149522 old saying “ faint hearts never won fair ladies “ is still apropos today.

For additional information please contact Genesis Corporate Advisor.

Joseph Quinones is President and founder of Genesis Corporate Advisors, prior to that he was President and founder of JDQ financial Group, Inc. a full service broker dealer which Mr. Quinones proceeded to build up from a one man operation to the point where it employed many traders, and advised numerous clients while generating millions in revenues.

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