Make An Offer Your Customers Can't Refuse

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

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A computer site might bundle software that prevents crashes, a second program that makes memory work more efficiently, and a virus protection program.

Billed as "fix crashes, avoid future problems, and make your computer run faster,"repparttar bundle could be priced low and placed onrepparttar 127412 opening web page and in print advertising.

Showrepparttar 127413 valuerepparttar 127414 customer gets when she buysrepparttar 127415 items in a bundle rather than separately. Add uprepparttar 127416 total savings and promote them. Point out howrepparttar 127417 customer could userepparttar 127418 money she saves.

NPR recently reported that studies have found that customers don't necessarily wantrepparttar 127419 lowest price, they just want a fair price. Some retail chains feel they don't get results unless they offer at least a 50% price cut. Most businesses get sales with much smaller price reductions. Our customers are usually delighted if we can lower prices ten percent.

Perks and Time Limits

You can sweetenrepparttar 127420 offer by adding attractive perks. These are usually things you can buy or provide cheaply but have a high perceived value to customers.

We created a bonus where we write a classified ad and place it on a major site that gets millions of visitors. Customers loverepparttar 127421 service and it doesn't cost us much. Our professional writers create a classified ad quickly and we place them at low cost. The perk is an easy and effective way to round outrepparttar 127422 bundle and close lots of sales.

Give your high-value bundle a time limit. Customers are busy with thousands of advertising messages competing for their dollars. Unless you can give them a good reason to buy NOW, many will put offrepparttar 127423 purchase and forget about it.

Advertise that your bundle is only available for 24 hours, a week, a month, or untilrepparttar 127424 end ofrepparttar 127425 year. You may want to offerrepparttar 127426 same bundle overrepparttar 127427 long haul,but changerepparttar 127428 bonus items for time to time.

By combining these three principles you can create a quick and lasting boost in sales. Customer psychology, high-value bundles, and time limits work together to build excitement and traffic for your store, service, or web site.

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Knowing When NOT to Sell

Written by Ron Sathoff

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Of course, you have to remember to addrepparttar equivalent of a "but I'll find out" statement. Inrepparttar 127411 case of sales, this is usually inrepparttar 127412 form of "but here is something else that I think WOULD work for you." Just make sure that you are being truthful here as well -- otherwise you're doing nothing more than bait-and- switch! My point here is simple: Showrepparttar 127413 customers that you are interested in making sure they are satisfied, rather than just being interested inrepparttar 127414 sale.

The result? Your customers will be grateful for being toldrepparttar 127415 truth, and even though they might not buy NOW, they know who to go to when they have another project that needs to be done. You'll probably get some good word-of-mouth advertising too!

It may seem counter-productive, but knowing when NOT to sell to your customer can be a great way to create an image that will eventually lead to MORE sales. If you are in your business forrepparttar 127416 long run, creating a reputation for honesty, caring, and personal attention will do more than any "hard sell" could ever achieve.

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