Make An Action Plan To Improve Customer Service

Written by Kevin Dervin

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3. Organization. Are you organized? Punctual? Reliable? When you show up to work with your clients, have you donerepparttar work and are you prepared to make them feel comfortable and taken care of? Even though youíve done it hundreds, maybe thousands of times before, do you takerepparttar 147998 time to organize and prepare to make itrepparttar 147999 best client experience possible?

4. Committing torepparttar 148000 Little Things. Donít ever dismissrepparttar 148001 power of allrepparttar 148002 little things. Together they can make allrepparttar 148003 difference and really separate you fromrepparttar 148004 competition. Returning calls and emails in a timely manner. Providing useful information to folks on a regular basis. Showing appreciation for your clients through things like thank you notes, exclusive client-only briefings, and open house, etc.

Clearly these are notrepparttar 148005 only relevant areas for creating great customer service. Iím sure you can think of more. But, pick just one of these areas and create an action plan to improve it in your business today. Make a commitment to continuously improverepparttar 148006 level of service youíre providing and see how it pays off. When youíve done it, pick another area and work on it.

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Credibility - 10 Ways to Build it on your Website

Written by Laurie Winslow

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6. Establish yourself as an expert in your field. One way to do this is to add a discussion board on your site and be a regular contributor. Another is to post articles weekly on your site related to your topic.

7. Make your presence known. Create your own ezine and offer valuable tips, articles and insights intorepparttar topic your website specializes in. This gives people free valuable information, and will keep your business in their mind so when they need another product they will think of you.

8. Make sure you have prompt delivery of your products. People who make purchases do not want to wait long their items. If you are selling a digital product offer immediate download. If you are shipping an item get it inrepparttar 147954 mail within a day or two. You can even offer different shipping methods- its all about customer service.

9. Make sure your site has contact information. Include a valid email address, and/ or a contact form, business address, and phone number on your site so if your customer has questions or concerns they can contact you. Make sure you respond back in a timely manner.

10. Include an about me page. Tell them about yourself and how you got intorepparttar 147955 business. Include pictures. This humanizes you and makesrepparttar 147956 potential customer feel more at ease in purchasing from you.

Remember strong credibility takes a long time to be developed. It can take seconds to destroyed. Be honest, personable and putrepparttar 147957 customer first. By following these 10 ideas above you will beat out your competition and on your way to having a successful business.

Laurie Winslow is the owner/ webmaster of , a website business dedicated to helping other online internet businesses succeed by offering free webmaster tools, articles, wholesale directories, ebooks and software.

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