Make A Stunning Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Written by Valerie Garner

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Balance is what you are looking for. Balance in shape, you donít want any sticking out way aboverepparttar others, you donít want one side ofrepparttar 135720 wreath to be fuller thanrepparttar 135721 other. Try stepping back and looking at a distance and just think ďbalance of shapeĒ.

The second area to look for is balance of color. This isrepparttar 135722 purpose of doing each bloom all over, then filling in, so you achieve that balance of color. Give another once over to check on that.

Now, this wreath is either finished, or you can add perhaps add small sprigs of dried babyís breath to it. Really depends onrepparttar 135723 look you want. Sometimesrepparttar 135724 simplicity of onlyrepparttar 135725 hydrangeas is stunning.

For a grapevine wreath, itísrepparttar 135726 same principal but a different look. You can tie a bow onrepparttar 135727 wreath if you want (if you do, do so before adding flowers), or ribbon. I like to leave bare spaces on these to be able to seerepparttar 135728 grapevine portion as well. Again, look for balance. You can also add dried roses to it or any other type of dried flowers or grasses too. You can get really creative with these and come up with very different looks. Experiment to your heartís content.

Many times people expect dried floral arrangements to last forever, and are disappointed when they start looking bad after a few years. This is a misconception. Expect them to look good for about a year, thatís really about all they were meant to last. If they are in direct sunlight it will be a much shorter time. However,repparttar 135729 next year, feel free to striprepparttar 135730 old flowers off, and make another withrepparttar 135731 same base for another yearís worth of a gorgeous hand made wreath!

By Valerie Garner-Mother, grandmother and candlemaker / owner of Joyful Designs in Soy. She loves to write on a variety of topics with a warm, and engaging style.

Spruce Up Your Pages with Scrapbooking Embellishments

Written by Fion Lim

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  • Ifrepparttar piece of accent has a functional purpose such as concealing unsightly parts of your photo, adding balance torepparttar 135490 overall layout or holding another item in place, then use that lovely embellishment.

  • Ifrepparttar 135491 embellishment boosts your story-telling ability forrepparttar 135492 page, then jump onrepparttar 135493 chance.

  • Ifrepparttar 135494 purpose ofrepparttar 135495 embellishment is to copy what you've seen people did in some magazine, it's might not speak of you own style. Instead, follow your instincts and use whatever you feel confident of expressing your style onrepparttar 135496 page!

    There's probably no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to scrapbooking with embellishments ideas. Just keep in view that an embellishment or two when used inrepparttar 135497 right combination, will contribute torepparttar 135498 vision you've been trying to express in a powerful way.

    Happy scrapping with embellishments!

    Fion Lim is the creator of - Here's your how-to-guide to learning about scrapbooking. Find free online scrapbooking ideas, tips, inspirations, articles and resources to quotes, poems and fonts right here.

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