Major Depression and Its Serious Complications

Written by Michael G. Rayel, MD

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Functional Impairment

Itís very common for depressed individuals to develop lack of energy and loss of interest to do their usual activities. These individuals can hardly do their usual chores, prefer to isolate themselves from everyone, and stay in bedrepparttar whole day. Work absences, financial problems, and job losses may berepparttar 140373 inevitable end result.

Relationship Problems

Due to ongoing behavioral and thought disturbances, some family members donít understand what is going on. Fights, ridicule, name-calling, and arguments between spouses or among family members can happen. Asrepparttar 140374 relationship becomes more strained,repparttar 140375 individual becomes more distant from friends and relatives. It is not uncommon to see unsupportive spouses, parents, and children during these difficult times.

In summary, clinical depression has fatal consequences. Ignoring it is too risky. Doing nothing about it is a grave mistake. Early recognition and treatment isrepparttar 140376 only way to prevent its unwanted complications.

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Natural Treatment for Depression - Is There An Alternative?

Written by John Maxford

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With your doctor's approval, you can also try some ofrepparttar herbal treatments for depression, but only if they are aware of what you are taking, in order to check for contraindications against any other medications you might be on.

St. John's Wort isrepparttar 140159 herb cited most frequently for treatment of depression, butrepparttar 140160 amount to be taken can vary greatly between patients, from as little as 300mg daily to as much as 2700mg. This is where consultation with your doctor and a Naturopath can help.

Some studies have also show that Gingko Bilboa is beneficial, as are herbs specific to treatment of "female problems", such as PMS, menopause, and post natal depression.

If natural treatment for depression isrepparttar 140161 path you want to follow, getrepparttar 140162 very best advice you can, and get yourself back onrepparttar 140163 road to good mental health. =========================================================== Find out what causes depression and how to deal with it. Sign up for free blog and get daily updated articles and news about depression treatment. Click

John Maxford is a software developer who spent many years suffering from depression. In his quest to find a cure, he socured the internet and medical publications learning all he could about depression. He discovered how to help himself, and has now written a series of article to pass that information on to others.

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