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Fourth line of defense and maintenance, always clean out your temporary Internet files. It uses up memory!

To clear out your temporary Internet files dorepparttar following: 1. Open up your Internet connection. 2. Click On Tools, then Internet Options 3. Underrepparttar 137137 General Section you should see a section labeled “Temporary Internet Files” 4. Click onrepparttar 137138 button that says Delete Cookies, and thenrepparttar 137139 button that says Delete Files. When you click on delete files,a box will open up and will ask you if you want to also delete off-line files – check that box, as well.

Withinrepparttar 137140 General Section you should also see a section called History. I decreaserepparttar 137141 number of days that I hold on torepparttar 137142 pages that I visited. Again, this helps to save memory.

These simple maintenance tips can keep your computer clean and protected, which is extremely important when you’re making your living onrepparttar 137143 Internet.

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Super Affiliate Marketer's Best-Selling Handbook Reveals How She Makes $435,000 a Year Selling Other People's Stuff

Written by Terry Mansfield

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Rosalind Gardner states that in "The Super Affiliate Handbook" you will see "the web sites that I actually promote to make tens of thousands each month," will getrepparttar "benefit of 7 years worth of my experience," and will learn exactly "which services and software give you best value for your dollar" so you can "avoidrepparttar 137052 costly mistakes that I've made during my learning process."

Her bottom line: there's absolutely no reason that you or I or anyone else can't achieve a very high level of success online through affliliate marketing. And she definitely wants to share her wealth of knowledge and experience and be repparttar 137053 one to "show you exactly what you need to do to build your own lucrative affiliate marketing business." She's made, and keeps making month after month, a ton of money. The truth is, says Rosalind, "you can make INCREDIBLE MONEY online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs."

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