"Magnify Your Sales Letter's Potential By 50% Or More With A Technique That 95% Of Website Sales Letter's Aren't Using!"

Written by Mike Jezek

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You have a website business. And chances are, you have a 6-14 page website sales letter. To add a link on your website to a web page with a lift letter on it won't cost you a cent! How do you set up a lift letter?

Atrepparttar remaining last 2-3 closing paragraphs of your website's sales letter, simply add a link saying something like this: Still unsure? Click here. /Want more proof? Click Here. /Need another opinion? Click Here.

These links simply lead to a web page with a 1-2 page lift letter. You could even have a lift letter of 5 pages, as there are no set rules here. You can also place one of these links in a P.S. as well. Or even on an order page.

Tips for creating a compelling lift letter: It can simply be a long testimonial or endorsement. It can be in a memo format. It can be in a news release format. It can simply be a sales letter with someone else's signature atrepparttar 127291 end. The main point to remember here is that your lift letter needs to be signed by someone else other than you or your company to make your sales presentation more believable and persuasive. Go ahead and start testing a lift letter to see if it pulls in more sales for you. And tell me about your success.

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The Killer Sales Letter Checklist!

Written by Grady Smith

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12) Have you used specific numbers and facts in your copy to build instant credibility?

13) Have you included credibility creators, like why you’re an authority onrepparttar subject, testimonials, and case studies?

14) Does your sales letter have a nothing to risk guarantee that shows your confidence in your offer?

15) Do you include a reason why you’re making this offer? Are you doing it because you are tired of seeing people scammed onrepparttar 127290 Internet and what to provide them with solid information they can use for profit immediately? Or are you giving them a dirt-cheap price because you have an overstock on inventory and it’s costing you more to storerepparttar 127291 product in your warehouse?

16) Does your sales letter give details of whatrepparttar 127292 customer needs to do? Call now. Or, simply fill outrepparttar 127293 form below, enclose your check or money order for $24, and mail to….

17) Do you make it easy for your potential customer to act on your offer?

18) Are you offering bonuses to increase response, or do you create high-perceived value for your product or service?

19) Did you create a sense of urgency in your letter, explaining thatrepparttar 127294 price is for a short time or quantities are limited?

20) Have you answered all questions a prospective customer has about your product?

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