Magic Words That Sell and What Words to Avoid

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

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- Weasel Words: These are words that are tossed into a sentence that changerepparttar actual meaning ofrepparttar 138957 sentence while leaving an impression that is different.

- Dangling Comparative: This is a statement that seems to be comparing one thing to another, but in actuality never actually states whatrepparttar 138958 thing being compared is being compared to. What generally happens is thatrepparttar 138959 comparison is left up torepparttar 138960 audience to complete.

- Complex Question: A complex question is one that appears to be asking for a yes or no answer, but is in reality two yes-or-no questions that are usually contradictory. No matter how you answer, you can't win.

- Buzz Words: These are words that seem to say something, but don’t. They are extremely popular in advertising.

- Guilt by Association: This is when you attribute characteristics to someone or something based merely onrepparttar 138961 society they keep.

- Self-Definition: This is using a word that you expect your audience to define one way, but you mean it another way when you use it.

By using Ogilvy’s magic words and avoidingrepparttar 138962 use of fallacies, you’ll be on your way to advertising that sells - without alienating your audience.

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Top 3 Rules for Writing Effective Copy

Written by Ladan Lashkari

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Well, they usually lose their temper a lot and can affect their relationships. They're nervous and can't concentrate on work, which in turn can make their boss angry. They're always tired and don't feel like doing anything, among other serious problems.

Now explain each problemrepparttar way they can see it, hear it, taste it and feel it! Make them wish deeply that they could get rid ofrepparttar 138778 problem.

Are you here with me? Now it's time to give themrepparttar 138779 solution: your sleeping pill!

Explain how it will help them fall asleep without waiting for hours. With your pill, every morning they wake up smiling because of a restful night. Finally, they will be rid ofrepparttar 138780 terrible headache they always had. They will no longer be tired at work and can finally get a raise.

Are you gettingrepparttar 138781 picture?

Tell them what's in it for them and your copy will sell like crazy! Now it's time forrepparttar 138782 last rule...


#3. Write to One Person


Amateur copywriters think because many people read their copy, they should write torepparttar 138783 public. No! Even if allrepparttar 138784 people inrepparttar 138785 world were to read your copy, each of them would read it individually. So each ofrepparttar 138786 readers should feel you're talking to him and only him. This makes your copy have a much higher impact.

Your copy should be friendly as well. Write as if you were addressing your best friend. Don't start with "Hey, everybody". You don't use that in a personal letter, do you? Say something like "Dear Friend" and your copy will be friendly and effective. After all, you're calling him your friend.


Final Notes


Copywriting is an essential part of your marketing strategy. If you have a great product but don't know how to write effective copy, you won't make any sales because you can't motivate people to make a purchase.

To become a professional copywriter you need to practice a lot. The more you write,repparttar 138787 more you learn. If it takes you a long time to write your first copy, don't worry. After all, it's your first time. No one's born a copywriter. If you see that someone's copy sells like crazy, he sure has practiced very much.

Some people give up at first, when they see they can't write as well as a professional copywriter. If you've just started, you shouldn't compare yourself with experts. Instead, learn from their experience and don't makerepparttar 138788 same mistakes they once made. It will save you a lot of time!

And don't forget that you should never sell a product that you don't believe in. Even if you make some sales, you're making money by lying to your customers and betraying their trust... and it's not fair at all! They've worked hard to earn every dollar and now you're taking their money for something you wouldn't ever buy yourself.

Ladan Lashkari is a respected Internet marketing expert, and the owner of where you'll find creative email marketing ideas and helpful resources to start your own highly profitable email marketing campaign.

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