Magic, Clown Magic, and Magic in Clowning - What's the Difference?

Written by Tom Raymond

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Likewise, why not haverepparttar clown pull out a handkerchief to hand to someone (or blow his own nose), only to give it away/leave it lying and pull out a second fromrepparttar 147701 same pocket (followed by a third, fourth, etc.)? Why not have things magically multiple, change color, disappear — withrepparttar 147702 clown acting nonchalant, as though this is an everyday occurrence?

Now, if your clown doesn't perform magic, that's fine — not every clown should, any more than every clown should twist balloons, use puppets, or haverepparttar 147703 same make-up as every other clown. But if your clown does perform magically, why not broaden our horizons a little, and truly portray a magical clown.

Tom Raymond, aka Raynbow the Magic Clown, is a professional children's entertainer in the central Wisconsin area, and is available for parties, conferences, conventions and ministry events. Interested in clowns and clowning? Check out Clown Ministry, the largest clowning site on the web!

Roulette Systems: Are you sure they work?

Written by GameTime

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I have also seen many gamblers bet inside systems, such as a certain pocket or a certain set of numbers placed acrossrepparttar board. These are no different thanrepparttar 147676 outside betting strategies, even placing flat bets on these numbers will have you no better thanrepparttar 147677 house edge of 5.3%.

The best way to have a chance at winning roulette is one of two ways. The first is biased wheel play. This is a very laborious process. To obtain a biased wheel you must collect at least 5000 consecutive spins ofrepparttar 147678 wheel, and ifrepparttar 147679 casino sees that their wheel is biased, it is sure to be closed for maintenance. The second is to learn to wheel track. This takes much practice to learn, and a very sharp eye. You must also processrepparttar 147680 data very quickly in order to get your bets placed beforerepparttar 147681 dealer calls bets off.

In conclusion, if played for fun roulette can be entertaining, but mostly a loosing game. If you have a chance to learn wheel tracking, or stumble upon a biased wheel,repparttar 147682 best of luck to you.

GameTime has been gaming successfully for over seven years and is up thousands of dollars on the casinos. He has spent many hours building an online library of his acquired knowledge. It can be found at Learn to play…play to win.

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