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Written by malcolm james pugh

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Magbility offer a full range of scooters to meet all your needs. Do you want a small compact boot scooter, that folds away in seconds to fit inrepparttar boot of your car. Or maybe our midi range would suit your needs offering something a bit more robust and comfortable, but that will still fold away in you car boot. Atrepparttar 148069 top ofrepparttar 148070 range we have our best sellerrepparttar 148071 Invacare Auriga, truly a road performance scooter, andrepparttar 148072 Strider Maxi, with a very stylish design and a range of 30 miles and many accessories. Phone us today and get our expert, impartial advice on which scooter would best suit your needs. Magbility provides allrepparttar 148073 necessary daily living aids that make life so much easier forrepparttar 148074 elderly and infirm. From simple items like easy to use can openers and bendable cutlery, through walking aid products like sticks and tri-walker shopping bags, to a comprehensive range of wheelchairs and allrepparttar 148075 accessories to go with them. We have a wide range of beds, pillows and cushions designed to make your life more comfortable. Please call and discuss your specific needs with our expert, friendly staff today. For more information click this link

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Backyard Camping Trip

Written by Susanne Myers

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Donít have a tent, or even a backyard for that matter? Thatís no reason not to camp out. Just spread out your sleeping bags, or even just some blanket inrepparttar living room. Turn offrepparttar 148012 TV, radio and video games. If you have a fireplace, build a fire. Otherwise, order some pizza and pop some popcorn and you can even make símores inrepparttar 148013 microwave.

No matter where you decide to have your close to home camping trip, take some time to sit together and talk. Telling stories, whether a campfire is involved or not, is always fun. Your kidsí imagination in creating new stories may surprise you. Donít forget to tell some handed down family tales.

Above all, think back about your favorite camping memories and recreate them with your kids. Do you remember any good scary stories? Are there any games you enjoyed playing? Whatís your favorite card game?

Have some fun with this, enjoy your kids and create some memories.

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