Madrid Spain - Take A Tour Of A City That Rocks

Written by Linda Plummer

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The Puerta de Alcalá, located inrepparttar center ofrepparttar 140362 Plaza de la Independencia, is onrepparttar 140363 calle de Alcalá, where you will also findrepparttar 140364 Fine Arts Museum andrepparttar 140365 Casino.

Atrepparttar 140366 other end ofrepparttar 140367 street isrepparttar 140368 Puerta del Sol.

Moving along torepparttar 140369 Plaza Colón, you will find monuments dedicated to Colombus and his travels. Inrepparttar 140370 center of this square arerepparttar 140371 Gardens of Discovery, towered over by huge blocks of stone, inscribed with details of Colombus´ travels.

Madrid is famous for its museums and a major attraction is repparttar 140372 Prado Museum, housingrepparttar 140373 world´s greatest collection of Spanish paintings.

Two other museums well worth a visit arerepparttar 140374 Museo Thyseen-Bornemisza inrepparttar 140375 Palacio de Villahermosa, and repparttar 140376 Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Madrid also has many pleasant parks and gardens,repparttar 140377 main one beingrepparttar 140378 huge, 12-hectare Parque del Buen Retiro with its two palaces and central lake.

Madrid is also noted for its beautiful fountains, for example, la Cibeles inrepparttar 140379 central Plaza de la Cibeles, andrepparttar 140380 Fountain of Neptune, close torepparttar 140381 Prado Museum.

So ... make your way to Madrid. You´ll love it!

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Barcelona Spain - That Sensational Second City of Spain

Written by Linda Plummer

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Adjacent torepparttar Gothic Quarter isrepparttar 140361 Barrio de la Ribera, also of medieval origin, where several historic buildings have been turned into museums, such asrepparttar 140362 Palau Aguilar which is, nowadays,repparttar 140363 Picasso Museum.

The renowned Las Ramblas of Barcelona is a series of lively streets that combine to make a broad avenue leading torepparttar 140364 harbor and Mediterranean Sea. What a superb atmosphere they possess!

Torepparttar 140365 south-west liesrepparttar 140366 fortress-topped hill of Montjuic, whererepparttar 140367 Barcelona Olympic Stadium and some fine museums are located.

Atrepparttar 140368 southern end ofrepparttar 140369 Ramblas lies Barcelona Harbor and Port Vell. This area now combines high-class restaurants with trendy clubs and bars.

To be found inrepparttar 140370 central area of Barcelona (the Eixample) arerepparttar 140371 fantasy works of Gaudí such as Park Güell, Palau Güell and Casa Milà La Pedrera.

However, Gaudí is best remembered forrepparttar 140372 part he played in repparttar 140373 construction ofrepparttar 140374 Cathedral of Barcelona - La Sagrada Familia.

So ... boomerang on over to Barcelona and get to know Gaudí!

Linda Plummer is webmistress of Top Tour of Spain providing information on Spain for travel, food, language and living.

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