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The far-south of Madagascar, semi-desert, does not present Polychromatic sapphires from Iankaroka discovered in 1990. any asphalt road yet, dust and trepidations arerepparttar daily lot of any traveller. Sunsets andrepparttar 109300 natural life of its inhabitants offer an appreciable compensation. Rubies from Ianavoha. (South of Madagascar.) Ruby from Andranomilitsy (Vohitany) Syenitic-nephelinic vein of rubies in Andranomilitsy. -------------------------------------------------- In Soamiakatra, rubies were sold with sunglasses. The Mayor of Soamiakatra in 1989, (East of Antsirabe.)

Rubies from Soamiakatra inrepparttar 109301 high plateaus.

Here, rubies are always found in alluvium.

MADAGASCAN CORUNDUMS ----------------------------------------------- BLUE SAPPHIRE NATURAL COLOR Sapphire from Analafady ( Ambondromifehy ) North. The alluvial deposit of Ambondromifehy is exploited since 1996. It is located in a Jurassic limestone, butrepparttar 109302 origin of sapphires is in alkaline basalts fromrepparttar 109303 close volcanic zone. Mahatsara ( Ambondromifehy) GGGEMS.COM


Andranondambo Sapphire discovery ( Madagascar )

Written by Alain Darbellay GGGems

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formations have only a very weak development. It is necessary to quoterepparttar alluvial plains of Androtsy, Esira, Sangoria and Pisopiso. A notable calcareous carapace covers most ofrepparttar 109299 area. Metamorphized dolomitic limestone. Near Andranondambo The anosyans granites are regarded as synorogenes, eocambrians formed inrepparttar 109300 androyans series to which an age higher than 2400 MY is allotted. The esirians granites present very variable crushings of intensity which often give them a gneissic facies . There is sometimes passage to orthogneisses. General foliation is sub meridian. The occurrences ofrepparttar 109301 Andranondambo area were industrially exploited since 1993 and have been almost abandoned few years later. Actually, it is very difficult to exploit sapphire direct in mother rock, because corundum is not concentrated enough. Furthermore,repparttar 109302 hardness ofrepparttar 109303 rock makes its exploitation very expensive. MADAGASCAR GEM SAFARI ABOUT ILAKAKA MADAGASCAN CORUNDUMS

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