Madagascar Tourmaline

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from pink to red, chromium and vanadium is in green tourmalines,repparttar yellow andrepparttar 109293 brown one is produced by trivalent iron. Diagrammatic provision Growth zoning and geometrical drawings in a SLICED TOURMALINE of a complete crystal cut tourmaline sliced in section from Vohitrakanga. parallel torepparttar 109294 ternary axis. Rubellite Chrome Tourmalines Indigolite from Anjahamiary. Macle of green tourmaline Antsongombato type. from Tsaniria. ( Madagascar ) Estaknala ( Pakistan ) ( Madagascar ) ( Madagascar ) Sketch ofrepparttar 109295 Antsongombato mine ( Antsirabe area) atrepparttar 109296 beginning ofrepparttar 109297 20th century. The attack Mine of Alakamisy Itenina ( Fianarantsoa area). measured about fifteen meters,repparttar 109298 coal face was to This mine is worked in alluvium,repparttar 109299 first stones were hillside 10 meters aboverepparttar 109300 brook, it showedrepparttar 109301 discovered in 1989 in a rice plantation. It produced presence of a large sill of hard pegmatite, laid out in rubellites and remarkable tourmalines with geometrical benches lities by a secondary cleavage. Torepparttar 109302 wall drawings. one sees a schistous limestone greenish and broken up, torepparttar 109303 roof, one distinguishes only clay. This deposit was famous for its red-ruby tourmalines. The Mine of Anjanabonoina, located inrepparttar 109304 high plateaus, produced rubellites, green tourmalines, brown-orange, pink, blue-sky, purple, and a variety of rare stones sincerepparttar 109305 end ofrepparttar 109306 19th century. This deposit is elluvial. ¦ Cutting Styles ¦ Characteristics ¦ Crystalline Systems ¦ Madagascar Sapphire ¦ ¦ Tourmaline Polychrome ¦ Tourmaline Crystal ¦ Tourmaline Crystal 2 ¦ Tourmaline Slice ¦ Your guide to GGGems Allrepparttar 109307 pictures on this site have been shot by Alain Darbellay

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Learning Spanish Grammar and the verb "Gustar"

Written by Patrick Jackson

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The boys likerepparttar forest. A los chicos les gusta el bosque.

They likerepparttar 109292 pool. A ellos les gusta la piscina.

There are quite a few verbs in Spanish that followrepparttar 109293 same construction asrepparttar 109294 verb "gustar." Here are just a few.

Importar (to be important to) Interesar (to be interesting to) Faltar (to be lacking to) Molestar (to bother or to annoy - note that this word does not mean to "molest") Encantar (to like)

I have also been confused about when to use "gustar." Despite whatrepparttar 109295 textbooks say, you can use "gustar" to indicate that you like someone as in "being physically attracted to someone." For example,

Tú me gustas. I like you.

Me gusta Carmen. I like Carmen.

But if you want to say that you like someone as in "I get along well with (name)," there's a different way to say it.

Me cae bien Carmen. I like Carmen or I get along well with Carmen. Literally, it means "Carmen falls well on me."

No me cae bien María. I don't like María or I don't get along well with María.

No me caes bien tú, Or, Tú no me caes bien. I don't get along well with you.

Let's do a few exercises with "gustar." Translaterepparttar 109296 following sentences adding emphasis onrepparttar 109297 person or persons thatrepparttar 109298 object is pleasing to. The answers appear below.

1. I likerepparttar 109299 cats. 2. You likerepparttar 109300 wedding. (Add emphasis to "you" usingrepparttar 109301 familiar form of "you.") 3. Joseph likesrepparttar 109302 building. 4. We likerepparttar 109303 shirts. 5. All of you likerepparttar 109304 insects. (Add emphasis to "all of you")

Answers: 1.A mí me gustan los gatos. 2.A ti te gusta la boda. 3.A José le gusta el edificio. 4.A nosotros nos gustan las camisas. 5.A ustedes les gustan los insectos.

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