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Empower Your Staff

Written by Arthur Cooper

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Onrepparttar other hand someone who is given responsibility for a result and is measured by it will nine times out of ten live up fully to his new role. He will accept that he is to be measured and judged by his results and he will appreciate being left to decide by himself how to achieve them.

This does of course assume that he hasrepparttar 150180 basic ability, skills, and knowledge,

So start by ensuring thatrepparttar 150181 staff to whom you delegate haverepparttar 150182 tools necessary. Make sure thatrepparttar 150183 skills,repparttar 150184 materials,repparttar 150185 working environment,repparttar 150186 knowledge, are all in place.

Be quite clear about what you expect from them. Make certain thatrepparttar 150187 required results, quality, and timelines are all fully understood.

Then make it clear that you want them to act on their own initiative. Tell them that you are there to help if they are really stuck but that otherwise they are on their own. Give themrepparttar 150188 authority they will need in order to deal with others, and make sure thatrepparttar 150189 others know that they have it.

Most people if given responsibility (coupled withrepparttar 150190 skills andrepparttar 150191 knowledge) will grow into it. Most people will do a better job when trusted than when watched and supervised every little step ofrepparttar 150192 way.

Empower your staff and everybody wins.

Arthur Cooper is a business consultant, writer and publisher. For his mini-course ‘Better Management’ go to:

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