Written by Eddie Bruce

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Show them their book covers with their names proudly displayed. Now they really do believe in miracles andrepparttar gushing email letters from your new authors might make you doubt your own criminal credentials. Copy and paste them into your website immediately, on a page headed "Testimonials." Where else could you acquire so much free publicity available for reference when ungrateful hacks questions your motives? They'll start to worship your logo so give them a church where they can pay homage. Supply an Authors Message Board. Here they will exchange books and website links and discuss all sorts of trivial things like how grateful they are to have a book published without editing or critique. A few resident cheerleaders will emerge, thankful to be big fish in a very shallow literary pond. Eventually many will post messages that might prove thought provoking. Remove these messages immediately and ban such troublemakers fromrepparttar 105772 cult forum! Grateful newbies will always outnumber those who have wised up. DIVIDE AND RULE! Those messages will be amongst your website's prime assets and you will link to them ad nauseam in your standard "don't take that tone with us" email letters sent torepparttar 105773 whiners underrepparttar 105774 oxymoron "Author Support." Ignore most ofrepparttar 105775 disparaging communications whether by email or snail mail and never use your own name in correspondence or on your website if you can avoid it. Your new names will be Author Support Team and Info Centre.

Incredible though it may seem, some ofrepparttar 105776 more affluent will let you mug them over and over again, whilerepparttar 105777 more discerning might employ a lawyer to demandrepparttar 105778 return of their material. Berate them for their ignorance ofrepparttar 105779 publishing world, but if they carry a real threat offer to release them, but only if they sign an agreement to keep their mouths shut. Where else but inrepparttar 105780 DOT COM world could you force a victim to beg to have his or her own property returned?

A Company name? Universal Publishing? Publishrepparttar 105781 World? How does PublishAmerica grab you? Sounds just about right, doesn't it? But a word of caution; even Internet scams tend to have a limited life span, so whenrepparttar 105782 search engines that brought new customers start generating links to websites exposing your racket then you knowrepparttar 105783 day of reckoning is nigh. It will be painful, but you must acceptrepparttar 105784 fact thatrepparttar 105785 scam has run its course and release your writers from their contracts before you suffocate in a heap of lawsuits.

Enjoy! While it lasts.

Eddie Bruce is retired and writes Scottish and English short fiction. His varied works, often semi-autobiographical, reflect the ordinary man's eternal struggle to find a niche in life. Some of his acclaimed stories can be read at

The Author Winthin You!

Written by Leanda Wood

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get me wrong, I am by no means a Nazi, and I totally disagree withrepparttar treatment and atrocities he handed out torepparttar 105771 poor Jews. Netherrepparttar 105772 less it did interest me, so after much pondering, I decided to write a story aboutrepparttar 105773 Holocaust. I based it on a young Jewish girl growing up in occupied Poland duringrepparttar 105774 Nazi invasion. I never believed for one minute that it would be published, but after submitting my manuscript to quite a few online publishers, I finally got accepted. I could not believe that little old me would become a successful writer. My book is due for release on 3rd March 2005 and is for sale at most leading bookstores, including my publishers , you see anybody can write, but it takes confidence and you have to believe in yourself. I never did for so many years. I t was only my Husband telling me how good my story was that I decided to give it a go, and believe me I am just a regular girl with no silver spoon in her mouth, I just plucked uprepparttar 105775 courage to do something to change my life forrepparttar 105776 better. The moral of my humble little story is, donít let doubt andrepparttar 105777 lack of confidence hold you back. Give it go, for you never know where your courage may lead you. You can view my book at

Leanda Wood has written many short stories and childrens stories over the years. She has just had her first novel "There Are No Children Here" published and is released on 3rd March 2005. Excerpts from the book can be at

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