MSN & Yahoo Communities (The Basics)

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Before we get into that, you'll want to joinrepparttar "Top Rated" communities inrepparttar 102420 business sections. Doing this will allow you to familiarize yourself with what's "the norm" with these communities. Also, after you've maderepparttar 102421 necessary adjustments and you've prepared your own community, you'll be using allrepparttar 102422 top communities to promote your own.

I must appoligize to those who have never joined and msn or yahoo community. You'll need to sign up for a user passport which is simply an msn or yahoo e-mail and password.

For an msn passport click below:

For a yahoo passport click below:

When signing up for an msn community, you'll want to clickrepparttar 102423 option "READ ALL MESSAGES ONLINE". This way you won't fill your e-mail account with countless messages that are posted everyday... Also, click on "KEEP MY E-MAIL PRIVATE" so that you don't get any junk this way either.

And now you haverepparttar 102424 basics of communities, please look forrepparttar 102425 sequel to this article titled:

"Building & Managing your own community"


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A New System Of E-Commerce?

Written by Terence Tan

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When this happens in a single level affiliate program,repparttar original affiliate earns nothing. In a MLAP,repparttar 102419 original affiliate would also be paid a referral commission onrepparttar 102420 sales made by these sub-affiliates.

Depending onrepparttar 102421 number of levelsrepparttar 102422 MLAP uses, commissions from sub-affiliate sales get multiplied at each level, resulting in greatly increased affiliate earnings.

Forrepparttar 102423 affiliate, MLAPs provide a way to maximizerepparttar 102424 value of their "wasted traffic" usingrepparttar 102425 viral power of "word of mouth" marketing, withoutrepparttar 102426 risks associated with MLM programs.

Forrepparttar 102427 MLAP merchant, an MLAP allows his affiliate program to sign up affiliates more effectively by standing out fromrepparttar 102428 crowd of single level affiliate programs.

Because they are relatively new, certain issues, (such asrepparttar 102429 ideal number of levels a MLAP should have, andrepparttar 102430 percentage of referral commissions that should be paid at each level), are still open to debate.

What has become clear though, is that MLAPs have become an important option for both merchants and affiliates, to increase their share ofrepparttar 102431 ever-growing size of E-Commerce.

Terence Tan is the project manager of, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Level Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business.

Visit to learn more about how MLAPs can multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

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