MSN PPC Advertising Network Finally Debuts

Written by Joel Walsh

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What Microsoft's new advertising network means forrepparttar future Willrepparttar 136994 new MSN advertising network succeed where so many have failed? Or will it become a bloated, relatively uncompetitive product only supported by Microsoft's vast bulk? (Not that Bill Gates has ever fathered such a bastard child.)

There's a very good reason to believe thatrepparttar 136995 new advertising program bearsrepparttar 136996 seeds of its own destruction, thanks to a typically Microsoftian act of overreaching and obliviousness to public opinion. That bad seed isrepparttar 136997 same bad seed that has spoiledrepparttar 136998 fruits of so many internet marketing labors: behavioral and demographic targeting, which always seems to disagree with some people's stomachs, no matter how delicately it is arranged inrepparttar 136999 bowl. (Editor's note: too extended a metaphor? Well, website copywriters have egos, too, you know, just likerepparttar 137000 rest ofrepparttar 137001 web dev. community. At least you didn't have to sit through five minutes of flash animation to read this.)

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Microsoft's press release announcingrepparttar 137002 new MSN advertising program is also worth reading if you're that into this.

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Online Advertising Traffic and the First Law of Web Surfing

Written by Joel Walsh

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In order to get your visitors to convert once they arrive, you need to make sure they have a clear path to conversion fromrepparttar landing page. The simplerrepparttar 136993 path,repparttar 136994 better--a winding road might lose some potential customers. This conversion path could be as simple as a "buy now" button or a contact form, or as complex as a multi-step shopping cart with required registration with required email confirmation to scare away those who are not truly devoted buyers.

Targeting your traffic What you show visitors who arrive at your site is only halfrepparttar 136995 equation. The visitors themselves arerepparttar 136996 other. As with everything in life, you can't convert a sow's ear into a silk purse. In this case,repparttar 136997 sow's ear is paid traffic that is not targeted, or is coming from popunders or other forced viewing, or is just plain faked (there is software specifically designed to emulate human visitors so fraudsters can sellrepparttar 136998 "traffic").

Even inrepparttar 136999 best of cases, some traffic converts better than others. Generally speaking, visitors who are looking for you arerepparttar 137000 likeliest to convert, so conversion rates tend to be highest from advertising on search engines. Conversion rates tend to be lower from advertising on websites (so-called "content" or "contextual" advertising).

Conversion rates are lower still on advertising on website popups, and lowest of all on so-called adware (programs that display popups on a user's computer;repparttar 137001 people who sell this advertising often label it "targeted traffic"). Sending emails that consist of nothing but your advertisement, even if you've skirtedrepparttar 137002 legal definition of spam, is not worthrepparttar 137003 bad will and damage to your brand.

Preaching to non-converting online advertising traffic A significant percentage of visitors, maybe a majority, will never just click "buy now." How do you reach them?

Many people simply will never make a purchase without speaking to a salesperson first. For them, provide a convenient contact form, as well as a live chat option--if you can affordrepparttar 137004 time and expense--your email, and a telephone number. A telephone number is especially important since there are some visitors who will never convert without hearingrepparttar 137005 voice of someone on your end.

For visitors who are not ready to convert immediately, you should have informational articles, "about us" pages or FAQs ready to help them make up their minds.

For visitors who simply will not be ready to convert today, give a reason to bookmark your page. Good articles. A special offer. A newsletter to sign up for. Free advice.

Just make sure you don't place these alternative non-converting options in too prominent a position, or you'll risk distracting prospective customers. A few paragraphs up fromrepparttar 137006 very bottom ofrepparttar 137007 page is a good place to catch people who are interested in you enough to readrepparttar 137008 entire page, but still haven't converted. The very bottom ofrepparttar 137009 page should be reserved for a conversion option for allrepparttar 137010 prospective customers accustomed to scrolling torepparttar 137011 bottom ofrepparttar 137012 page to get a quick overview.

After all, if you want your visitors from online advertising traffic to convert into customers, shouldn't you at least make it easy for them?

Joel Walsh has written as a staff writer for St. Martin's Press and Barnes & Noble, as well as numerous online publications. He is the head writer for UpMarket, a website content provider and online advertising resource for small and medium-sized business websites. You can get a template guide for writing a landing page, with samples, at:

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