MSN PPC Advertising Behavioral and Demographic Targeting: Killer App. or Achilles' Heel?

Written by Joel Walsh

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Future implications for search engine advertising Of course, Microsoft Corporation has such a sterling reputation inrepparttar internet community andrepparttar 136990 world at large that it will undoubtedly be trusted implicitly with such a wealth of information on every user. And most people have absolutely no reason to care if their online activity were associated with their real identities, anyway.

True, it is widely believed that almost a quarter of all web page views and a comparable proportion of search engine searches involve naughtynaughty pictures. But surely that'srepparttar 136991 work of a small army of trench-coat-wearing filth addicts who spend all day doing nothing but feed their habit, and on multiple computers simultaneously. Certainly not you, any of your family members, or that guy inrepparttar 136992 shipping department who wears a WWJD T-shirt to work everyday and is always trying to convince anyone in earshot that dinosaurs andrepparttar 136993 radioactive dating of their fossils are yet another figment ofrepparttar 136994 degenerate left-wing imagination.

So naturally, Microsoft has nothing to worry about. Privacy advocates, bloggers, message boards and chat rooms aroundrepparttar 136995 internet won't be on fire with warnings not to use MSN search unless you want a permanent record of your doings attached to that Hotmail account you deleted but that may not have really been deleted. And no prosecutor will make headlines by trying to introduce a defendant's MSN online activity history as evidence into court.

And so it naturally follows that we can all forget about Overture and Google Adwords since there's a new kid onrepparttar 136996 block who's so much cooler.

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If you're interested in reading further, one ofrepparttar 136997 most extensive discussions of MSN's new advertising program isrepparttar 136998 marketing blog of Charlene Li atrepparttar 136999 Forrester corporation. That blog is representative ofrepparttar 137000 rose-colored-glasses view held byrepparttar 137001 big corporate marketing world. Microsoft's press release announcingrepparttar 137002 new MSN advertising program is also worth reading if you're that into this.

Joel Walsh is the head writer at UpMarket, internet marketing services, online copywriting services, & website content provider focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and those who serve them.

Why Your Online Advertising Traffic Leaves as Soon as It Arrives

Written by Joel Walsh

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A website that talked about "small business web copy" might have been what you were looking for, but if you didn't know that "web copy" is just another term for "website content," you'd have hitrepparttar "back" button. You’d keep hittingrepparttar 136989 "back" button until you arrived at a page that had that keyword inrepparttar 136990 page title, page headings, and inrepparttar 136991 first few lines ofrepparttar 136992 body, maybe in boldface to make it easier to find.

Of course, if you arrived atrepparttar 136993 page via a link from another website, you weren't looking for a search engine keyword. You were just looking (hoping) for something that had to do with what made you click onrepparttar 136994 link inrepparttar 136995 first place. Ifrepparttar 136996 page title andrepparttar 136997 first page heading resembledrepparttar 136998 text ofrepparttar 136999 link you had clicked on, you'd feel like you had found what you were looking for--no worries about this being one of those pages that changed afterrepparttar 137000 other site started linking to it.

But ifrepparttar 137001 link promised no. 72 monkey wrenches, you'd feel let down if it brought you torepparttar 137002 homepage of a hardware store. Experience tells yourepparttar 137003 store might have stopped selling no. 72 monkey wrenches long ago and never bothered updating its inbound links. Experience also tells you that even ifrepparttar 137004 site does have what you're looking for, it may be more trouble than it's worth to find it. Why search through a website when search results fromrepparttar 137005 entire world wide web are just a click ofrepparttar 137006 "back" button away?

Thanks torepparttar 137007 "back" button, onrepparttar 137008 web, no one has to feel let down for long. Except advertisers who let visitors down.

Joel Walsh is a website copywriter at UpMarket Content, a website content provider for small and medium-sized businesses. He has written as a staff writer for books published by Barnes & Nobles and St. Martin’s Press, as well as numerous online publications. Website:

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