MSN Beta Search Phenomenon

Written by mark white

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site came in at number 41.

Further searching for some more obscure phrases seem to show that

MSN beta places a high priority onrepparttar keyword density, this will

reward all of us who have keywords relevant to our sites and do

not rely on heavy backlinks (although I believe this is vital to

get a decent rank with other engines).

The fact that I am ranked at all means that I have escapedrepparttar 127835

Google "sandbox", I don't expect to receive a PR for at least 2

months and a decent listing forrepparttar 127836 same period from google.

Lets hope that MSN Beta search is used quickly as a replacement

for MSN search, My opinion is that we should all be allowed to

get a placement we deserve rather than one we have effectively

bought or traded, it kind of gives us little guys a chance.

I still love google, it provides us with a challenge and is still

repparttar 127837 number one search engine but I still wantrepparttar 127838 traffic I get from

The smaller engines.

Mark white has built and run 3 sites for the last 4 years, has worked in I.T. for 15 years and is actively involved in traffic/search engine related sites. His sites are $10 dollar and

Search Engine Optimization Is For Fools?

Written by Kevin Emswiler

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Ebay Auctions: How to properly setup your auctions

Next write an article about ebay auctions and userepparttar keyword throughoutrepparttar 127834 article. I like to use my keywords once per paragraph. The longer your articlerepparttar 127835 more times you can use your keyword without sounding corny or abusing google’s search engine.

Then ask other websites in your industry to place a link on their website to yours. This will help google index your site faster and get you higher results in their search engine.

Kevin Emswiler's goal is to help beginning internet marketers establish their own home based business. For more marketing advice, vist

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