Written by Scottie Johnson

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ĜAdd dragonfly larvae, or nymphs, to your pond. They are voracious predators of mosquito larvae, and whilerepparttar mosquito larvae stay in that stage for only a few days,repparttar 113437 dragonfly nymphs stay inrepparttar 113438 larval stage for up to two years, and can prey on many generations of mosquito larvae. And, when they become adults,repparttar 113439 dragonfly feeds on adult mosquitoes too.

ĜInvite toads into your yard. One toad can consume up to 100 mosquitoes and slugs per night. They lay their eggs in water, sorepparttar 113440 pond will attract them. If happy with its environment, a toad can grace your garden for up to 20 years. Andrepparttar 113441 tadpoles will eat mosquito larvae also.

ĜAs an overall precaution, get a propane powered mosquito trap, such asrepparttar 113442 Mosquito Magnet, to reducerepparttar 113443 mosquito population in your garden area. These arerepparttar 113444 most effective mosquito killers around, and they will capture (and kill)repparttar 113445 mosquitoes that your natural controls miss.

Withrepparttar 113446 growing concern about mosquito diseases, like West Nile virus, malaria, and dengue fever, it is natural to feel reluctance to add any water source around your home. Withrepparttar 113447 right precautions, you can beautify your garden and still feel secure that you are not inviting mosquitoes into your immediate environment.

If water gardening appeals to you, just educate yourself, takerepparttar 113448 needed precautions, and get ready to enjoyrepparttar 113449 beauty and serenity a water feature adds to your home.

Scottie Johnson is a life long mosquito warrior, freelance author and organic gardener. For all the information you need about killing and repelling mosquitoes, visit her site at http/

October in the Flower Garden – Preparing for Winter

Written by Sandra Dinkins-Wilson

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Just as we should have made everything neat and trim forrepparttar summer, so duringrepparttar 113436 next few weeks everything should be made neat and tidy forrepparttar 113437 winter. All dead leaves, stems, etc., should be cleared away, and stakes taken up and stored except where plants still need them.

If our gardens were only made and planted inrepparttar 113438 spring, our hardy plants will not need dividing. But if they have been around two or three seasons then probably some of them will be better divided. We divide clumps that have grown to a large size because if they throw up too many flowering stems, they will not be well nourished or produce a fine blossom and towardsrepparttar 113439 centerrepparttar 113440 plant will grow poorly.

We should remember that it is good forrepparttar 113441 future welfare of a plant to replant it in a different spot from where it has been. If we do not need allrepparttar 113442 pieces we can make of a divided plant, we should replantrepparttar 113443 strong or outer portions.

Sandra is a lover of beautiful things including Flower Gardens. She has created a website for Flower Garden Lovers, and those that love them, with gardening tips, artwork and books on the subject.

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