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Whenrepparttar whole world will be free from pain and sorrow A well worn tear stained Bible tells an unique story Of its' owner and his walk with Jesus onrepparttar 142853 way to glory Those passages of scripture that are marked in ink Was living water for that thirsty person to drink I'm asking you some questions, be honest with me Do you read your Bible or is it only for others to see? Is your Bible well worn or is it gathering dust? Do you fully believe in Jesus and in Him trust? Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier

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Seeking After the Knowledge of God

Written by Michael Bradley

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Many, many Christians are missing out on this part in their walk withrepparttar Lord. God will supernaturally communicate His knowledge to you - but you first have to realize that He does want to communicate His knowledge to you and then you have to learn how to pick it up and properly read it when He does start to communicate to you. Again - I will go into much more detail on how to really hear from God in another article - but in this article, I want to show to you byrepparttar 142596 Scripture verses I will list below, that God really does want to impart and transmit knowledge to you.

As you will see inrepparttar 142597 way that I will presentrepparttar 142598 appropriate Scripture verses on this subject to you - we are dealing with an incredible profound reality - in that God Almighty Himself - a Being with perfect knowledge on all things - is willing to communicate and transmit His knowledge to us throughrepparttar 142599 Holy Spirit - who is literally living onrepparttar 142600 inside of us! Think about this - that you haverepparttar 142601 knowledge of God already residing onrepparttar 142602 inside of you inrepparttar 142603 Holy Spirit who is already living onrepparttar 142604 inside of you!

The Scripture verses I will list below will show yourepparttar 142605 extreme importance that God is placing on each and everyone of us in that we seek to obtain this kind of knowledge from Him. In some of these verses, God is making some very powerful and profound statements. He says:

That we are to GROW inrepparttar 142606 grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That His people are literally destroyed and will go into captivity for lack of knowledge.

That gaining His knowledge and wisdom will help you walk safely in this life, help preserve you and help keep you onrepparttar 142607 right path that He has set up for you to follow in this life.

That gaining knowledge, wisdom and understanding is better than all ofrepparttar 142608 gold, silver and rubies of this world and that it does not even begin to compare to anything else that you may desire in this life! In other words, gainingrepparttar 142609 knowledge of God in this life is bigger and better than any materialistic thing that you could ever buy, want or desire in this life!

To think that God Himself is making this kind of statement in that acquiring knowledge is more important than anything else that we can acquire in this life is as big and powerful of a statement that He can make about what is really most important in this life!

Notice inrepparttar 142610 first bullet point above that we are to grow inrepparttar 142611 knowledge of God. I believe thatrepparttar 142612 main reason God is telling us that gaining knowledge is more important than anything else we can seek after in this life is because we cannot grow in God unless we obtain His knowledge and then seek to implement these truths into our lives and walk with Him.

After you get saved - God then expects you to start to spiritually grow and mature in your walk with Him. You cannot become more holy, more transformed and more sanctified unless you are spiritually growing. And you cannot start to spiritually grow unless you are first seeking afterrepparttar 142613 knowledge that will cause this spiritual growth to occur inrepparttar 142614 first place!

If you really studyrepparttar 142615 people who are most alive in this life - it isrepparttar 142616 seekers - it isrepparttar 142617 people who are constantly learning, constantly trying to improve their knowledge base on whatever it is they are seeking after. It isrepparttar 142618 knowledge seekers that are makingrepparttar 142619 great discoveries that are changingrepparttar 142620 course of human history withrepparttar 142621 discoveries that they have made. And they could not have made those discoveries without first seeking afterrepparttar 142622 knowledge that would eventually lead them to those specific discoveries.

As you will see in some ofrepparttar 142623 profound Scripture verses I will list below - God will make you seek and search after knowledge - much inrepparttar 142624 same way treasure hunters will search for buried treasure. Talk to any true knowledge seeker - and they will tell you that most of their joy comes fromrepparttar 142625 journey of trying to findrepparttar 142626 knowledge that they are seeking after. Oncerepparttar 142627 discovery has been made and they have found everything that they may need on a particular subject - then it is off torepparttar 142628 next great adventure.

Nothing will stimulate your mind and emotions and make you feel more alive than seeking afterrepparttar 142629 knowledge on something that you may really be interested in and be very passionate about. However, many in our country have become "brain dead" and mentally lazy as a result of becoming couch potatoes by watching too much TV. God has incredible knowledge adventures set up for each and everyone of us if we are willing to get up out of our ruts, step out of our safe boats and start seeking afterrepparttar 142630 things that He wants us seeking after.

Before I go intorepparttar 142631 Scripture verses on all of this - I will leave you with one last thought.

The knowledge of God is like a treasure chest that has no bottom to it! There is no limit torepparttar 142632 amount of knowledge that God can release to you if you are willing to dive into that treasure chest and start seeking after it. Think about this long and hard - thatrepparttar 142633 one and only all powerful and all knowing God ofrepparttar 142634 entire universe is willing and able to transmit His knowledge to you on whatever it is you are wanting His knowledge and wisdom on.

Every single Christian has this incredible treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom literally residing onrepparttar 142635 inside of them inrepparttar 142636 person ofrepparttar 142637 Holy Spirit. Andrepparttar 142638 Holy Spirit is only too anxious and just waiting for you to tap into Him to get this knowledge to start to be released to you!

This incredible knowledge adventure is waiting for each and every Christian who is willing to get offrepparttar 142639 couch and start usingrepparttar 142640 brain power thatrepparttar 142641 Lord has given to each and everyone of us to start to seek after this kind of knowledge.

Article written by Michael Bradley of Bible Knowledge Ministries. Their website is a resource of Bible commentary and teaching.

The article was an excerpt from Michael's E-book titled, Seeking After the Knowledge of God

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