Written by Noel Peebles

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repparttar circumstances we want. If we can't find them, we should create them.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 7. Satisfaction “Will we ever be satisfied? Should we ever be satisfied? It seems when we have more, we want more. Maybe it's just that we don't know how lucky we are?” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 8. Fear “We have all suffered from it - that human emotion called 'fear'. It may be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making a decision, fear of change, or evenrepparttar 131883 fear of what people might think. Fear is infectious and will kill any opportunity...if we let it!” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 9. Responsibility “In many situations we create circumstances that result in either favorable or unfavorable outcomes. We can make choices, so we must accept responsibility for our plight in life” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 10. Hope/Determination “It doesn't matter whetherrepparttar 131884 spark of hope within you is large or small. The right thoughts coupled withrepparttar 131885 appropriate action, every single day, will ignite that desire into a blazing inferno of determination.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” Any ofrepparttar 131886 above quotes may be freely published withrepparttar 131887 authors name and website address left in tact. *********************************************

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Web Site Fun

Written by Grant McNamara

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We're making our site present other options, In words in other language adoptions, We understand thatrepparttar world is round, And languages of all sorts are to be found, We want to be able sell torepparttar 131881 Danes, And even make sales in sunny Spain,

And so we had translators work extra special hard, To ensure other cultures are held in true regard And now our site is in languages other, So far far more peoples our web site does cover,

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