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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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This means that they not only knew and worked with these metals, but that they understoodrepparttar science of atoms and nuclei - forrepparttar 143162 'highward' state ofrepparttar 143163 white powder is only achieved through knowledge ofrepparttar 143164 high-spin metallurgical experience. Only by understanding this part-physical and part-metaphysical science can one take a physical something and turn it into nothing by applyingrepparttar 143165 principle of 0=(+1) + (-1). {The IO Torus, Logos and Harmonics are all associated}Interestingly,repparttar 143166 high-spin powder of gold has a distinct effect uponrepparttar 143167 pineal gland {See entry on Thalami} and its increased melatonin production, whilerepparttar 143168 equivalent powder of iridium has its similar effect onrepparttar 143169 serotonin production ofrepparttar 143170 pituitary gland.

Althoughrepparttar 143171 current names ofrepparttar 143172 platinum-group metals are relatively new to us,repparttar 143173 metals themselves are far from new. Recent tests have shown that, by dry-matter weight, over 5 per cent of our brain tissue is composed of iridium and rhodium inrepparttar 143174 high-spin state. (28)

So, what precisely isrepparttar 143175 highward or high-spin state which converts these noble metals into an impalpable white powder? A normal atom has around it a screening potential - a positive screening produced byrepparttar 143176 nucleus. The majority of electrons going roundrepparttar 143177 nucleus are within this screening potential, except forrepparttar 143178 very outer electrons. The nucleus goes torepparttar 143179 highward or high-spin state whenrepparttar 143180 positive screening potential expands to bring all ofrepparttar 143181 electrons underrepparttar 143182 control ofrepparttar 143183 nucleus. {Refer to Solid State chemistry andrepparttar 143184 work of Don Robins as it relates to 'scavengers', microphages inrepparttar 143185 genetic structure also have an effect that may be similar. Canrepparttar 143186 meta-mind attune these electrons and bring their forward and reverse spins into conjunction?}

These electrons normally travel aroundrepparttar 143187 nucleus in pairs - a spin-forward electron and a spin-reverse electron. But when these come underrepparttar 143188 influence of a high-spin nucleus {Is this a conscious act?}, allrepparttar 143189 spin-forward electrons become correlated withrepparttar 143190 spin-reverse electrons. When perfectly correlated,repparttar 143191 electrons turn to pure 'white light' and it is impossible forrepparttar 143192 individual atoms inrepparttar 143193 high-spin substance to link together. (29)

Whether or not they can do these things today: they (Alchemists or Rosicrucians ofrepparttar 143194 Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen) certainly have done such things inrepparttar 143195 past. Did they learnrepparttar 143196 process fromrepparttar 143197 remnants of a previous 'modern' human? That seems more likely to us thanrepparttar 143198 alien explanation they want us to accept. Was there a program to keep these things super secret? There certainly should have been. In Morning ofrepparttar 143199 Magicians Pauwels and Bergier tell about a meeting they had with Fulcanelli as well as a presentation he made torepparttar 143200 Paris Academy of Sciences. One of these authors was a member of Heisenberg's team of scientists working on splittingrepparttar 143201 atom andrepparttar 143202 other wasrepparttar 143203 editor of 'Earth' magazine. Fulcanelli warned aboutrepparttar 143204 dangers ofrepparttar 143205 atomic forces that science was about to unleash and he explained howrepparttar 143206 Cathedrals were constructed to includerepparttar 143207 knowledge they were seeking. I've read his book which purports to includerepparttar 143208 keys to this knowledge. It is extremely cryptic in nature but I think if one was to be able to createrepparttar 143209 green vitreole ofrepparttar 143210 stained glass windows (no easy art, but available in other places) then it might be true.

If these things arerepparttar 143211 explanation for Sodom and Gomorrah, orrepparttar 143212 vitrified rocks then we have some real concerns to address about our leaders and their willingness to do one thing and say another. It is very unlikely that this knowledge has not beenrepparttar 143213 object of secret agents andrepparttar 143214 desire of monarchs and others' concerns for many millennia. We know Crowley, Hitler, and guys like Barrett ('Secret Societies') joinrepparttar 143215 likes of Bacon and Dee in these quests. Truly power does corrupt and we know that when a few people haverepparttar 143216 power to do these kinds of things, it will eventually become a factor. The present situation seems to indicate that many people will have access to terrific uses of technology and we must not be as nave asrepparttar 143217 audience of Britannica was atrepparttar 143218 start ofrepparttar 143219 20th century when they wrote that torture was a thing ofrepparttar 143220 past, as far as 'civilized' Europe was concerned.

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Testing Diode-The Accurate Way on How to Test Semiconductor Diode Using Multimeter

Written by Jestine Yong

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The real problem when checking a diode usingrepparttar diode test function of a digital meter is that an open or leaky diode,repparttar 142879 meter sometimes reads ok(0.6). This is due to digital meter diode test output voltage (which you can measurerepparttar 142880 output test probe using another meter) is around 500mv to 2v. An analog meter set to x1 ohms have output about 3V(rememberrepparttar 142881 two 1.5V battery you installed inrepparttar 142882 meter!). The 3V voltage is enough to show yourepparttar 142883 accurate reading of a diode when under test.

Even if you have a good reading at x1 ohms doesn't mean thatrepparttar 142884 diode is good . You now have to set your meter to x10K to testrepparttar 142885 diode again. The output voltage of x10k ohms is about 12V(rememberrepparttar 142886 9v battery in your meter-1.5v+1.5v+9v=12v). Againrepparttar 142887 diode under test should show only one reading. This is exception to Schottky diode where it have two readings but not shorted reading. Ifrepparttar 142888 meter showed one reading thenrepparttar 142889 diode under test is good. If it has two readings then most probablyrepparttar 142890 diode is either shorted or leaky. The digital meter can't test it becauserepparttar 142891 output fromrepparttar 142892 meter is only 500mv to 2V.

If a diode breakdown when under full operating voltage, there is no way to testing diode (unless you have a very expensive diode checker which specially designed to locate this type of problem).Substituting with a known good diode is oftenrepparttar 142893 only way to prove that an intermittent diode is causing a particular problem. Sometimes an intermittent diode could be locate using a coolant spray.

Caution: Be certain that power is removed from any circuit before performing any ofrepparttar 142894 following diode checks, otherwise meter or circuit damage could result.

Conclusion-In order to correctly test diode function you need to setrepparttar 142895 analog meter to x1 ohms and x10K ohms range.

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