MLM network Marketing Training- The Ten Commandments of MLM Leadership

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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MLM Leaders know: You makerepparttar Big Money fromrepparttar 141732 back ofrepparttar 141733 room. Do you understand that? Too many distributors get leadership and what we call "celebrityitis" mixed up. A lot of distributors become a celebrity when they get successful, and torepparttar 141734 detriment of their group. Leaders who build permanent downlines putrepparttar 141735 recognition spotlight on their people then stand behind it, and stay there. Yes, Leaders do need to be visible to inspire, butrepparttar 141736 Power lies in recognizing and celebrating every little attempt or success to encourage and buildrepparttar 141737 distributor's confidence in this business. Why? People will do more for recognition than money. That's MLM Leadership 101.


We at PassionFire believe inrepparttar 141738 L.I.A.C.P. Principle. Leadership Is A Construction Project.

First, you must build you, and constructrepparttar 141739 skills; attitudes, habits, and thinking you need to succeed in this business. Then you must construct your people, through all we have been talking about in this article. And then you construct your business. Most distributors constrict their business with a very limiting self-focus, and looking out for #1 attitude. The average distributor has a selfish focus. Leaders have a selfless focus. And that brings us to what we call "The Leadership Paradox". You must construct your business by building you first, downline second, and business third, but all atrepparttar 141740 same time. If you understand what I just said, you are on your way to building a retirement vehicle.


What isrepparttar 141741 Secret to building A Million-Dollar Distributorship? You build Million Dollar Relationships. Remember that it is easier to walk away from a business than a friend. Get to know your folks, especially your Leaders as people, not just a paycheck. Get to know their dreams, what is important to them, and especially what they value. Spend personal time with your leaders, and develop that bond. Visit their house, their workplace, "Their world", and make it a part of yours. And always, always, always put their interests ahead of yours. That will create amazing loyalty, which will create amazing motivation, which will create amazing paychecks. Get on a ship and sail onrepparttar 141742 sea of relating, and when people discover you are truly interested in them; that is when your paycheck becomes truly interesting.

These arerepparttar 141743 "Ten Commandments of Network Marketing MLM Leadership 2005."

I encourage you in this new Millennium to start engaging your business throughrepparttar 141744 eyes of a Leader, not just a distributor. The impact on your business will be enormous. And once you discover howrepparttar 141745 journey of leadership will transform you in all aspects of your life,repparttar 141746 year 2000 will be for you without limits, barriers, or failure, and you will be on a one-way track to allrepparttar 141747 success you ever dreamed of.

And that is what Network Marketing is supposed to be about…Unbridled, and unstoppable Success.

Andrepparttar 141748 Secret? Leadership!

blessings...doug PassionFire Intl MLM Leadership (c) 2005/all rights reserved

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Doug Firebaugh, living in Birmingham, Michigan, is one of the top Trainers, Speakers, and Authors in the MLM and Network marketing industry. Having built a huge group, he draws on his 20 years experience and giftings to create unique and fresh trainings for the industry. He can be reached at

MLM Network Marketing Training- MLM Leadership- The Two Golden Words..

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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3. After a while,repparttar new distributor gets to know some "Veteran Distributors.." and these folks "Tell itrepparttar 141731 way it is..."..and whine and complain torepparttar 141732 new distributor, andrepparttar 141733 newbie starts to lower their dreams and goals to "Fall in line" with what is "real" in MLM...compromising their life again...

What if Abraham Lincoln had compromised His Standards?What if Thomas Jefferson had Compromised His Standards? What if Mother Teresa had compromised Her standards?

Greatness in ANY Leadership endeavor starts with a NO COMPROMISE Mindset and "Heartset" as well..... Andrepparttar 141734 sad part about it, a lot of MLM Leaders arerepparttar 141735 one's who compromise their New Distributor's dreams and standards because they have not been dilligent in their own pursuit of success...(Are you guilty?)What can you do?

Start a "NO COMPROMISE Campaign" with your group....

1. Announce it to your group....and tell them NO ONE is going to steal their future as long as you are their Leader...NO ONE!

2) Tell them that Compromise is NOT AN OPTION in your group...amd you will STAY THE COURSE-REACH THE DREAM...which isrepparttar 141736 true Secret of Leadership in this Business...andrepparttar 141737 3 most important words to drive your campaign: NO MATTER WHAT!

3. And "NO COMPROMISE" Flyers, button, stickers, whatever you want to promoterepparttar 141738 message....and everytime you chat with your Leaders...remind them... Only People who DON"T ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS... compromise...We WILL achieve our dreams.... NO MATTER WHAT!

And one final thought... The Last word in Compromise is Promise....

Are you focused on that part ofrepparttar 141739 word?If you have compromised, you have broken a Sacred Leadership Promise, and Trust, to Navigate your folks to Success...

What does a promise mean to you?What does your Vision and your Folk's Vision mean to them?

DON"T let life, or negative people compromise your future, dreams, and Success...

Don't Compromise..... but CAN-Promise.... and Lead your people to a future that CAN and WILL be achieved...but only with a NO COMPROMISE Leadership..... NO MATTER WHAT!

Compromise... The "Creeping Cancer" of MLM Leadership...

Cutrepparttar 141740 Tumor out atrepparttar 141741 Heart ofrepparttar 141742 Cancer....

with Radical and Massive Radiation Treatment called... Passionate Leadership in MLM and Network Marketing.!

blessings...doug PassionFire Intl MLM Leadership (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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Doug Firebaugh, living in Birmingham, Michigan, is one of the top Trainers, Speakers, and Authors in the MLM and Network marketing industry. Having built a huge group, he draws on his 20 years experience and giftings to create unique and fresh trainings for the industry. He can be reached at

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