MLM Success Secrets- The Art of MLM Magnetic Communication

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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3) "Tell me about yourself..." 4) "Tell me about your family...." 5) "What is it that you enjoy most about this time of year(season)?" 6) "Who do you know that might want to know how to...." 7) "Who do you know that might know about recreational activities/restaraunts/sports/events in this area?" 8) " Bring me up to date on your family/career/hobby sincerepparttar last time we chatted...." 9) "Describe that for me...that sounds interesting..." 10) "What and who does that involve?" 11) "That is so me understand how that works..." 12) "How did up with that great idea/become interested in becoming an architect/starting your own business?" 13) "Do you ever read Success and Leadership books?" 14) "If I were to refer someone to you, what would your perfect customer look like?"

You getrepparttar 141729 idea....get them talking, then get them engaged, and get them interested: In YOU! What you do, what you have to offer, and what you can do for them.

Very simple concept, and deadly!

Keep your radar on for any kind of Magnetic conversation, and Network with them, and use some of these questions, and you will be amazed at what happens to your home business over time!

Let your NET start WORKING!

And your net, once lowered in this huge sea of prospects, will catch some BIG FISH!

Success is GUARANTEED!

Blessings...doug Firebaugh PassionFire Intl MLM Leadership (c) 2005 all rights reserved

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Doug Firebaugh, living in Birmingham, Michigan, is one of the top Trainers, Speakers, and Authors in the MLM and Network marketing industry. Having built a huge group, he draws on his 20 years experience and giftings to create unique and fresh trainings for the industry. He can be reached at

What Is YOUR Attitude??

Written by Michael Lemm

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A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100 %


REMEMBER ...WE CREATE our own reality, Withrepparttar way we think, Withrepparttar 141070 way we speak, Withrepparttar 141071 way we act.

Make sure your ATTITUDE is correct... As it WILL Design your Life!

Michael is Moderator for and the owner of FreedomFire Communications . You can get more MLM tips, wit, and wisdom from Michael at

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