MLM Success- The Psychology of Objections in Network Marketing

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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People will be more attracted to something they contribute to and add to, then what is just "presented" to them.

How do you create what we call a Massive Value Perception?

That is simple.

LISTEN to what they say when you ask this question:

"I want to ask you a serious question. If there was One Thing you could change forrepparttar better in your life, what would that be? And how would your life change because of it?"

Then again, LISTEN to what they are telling you because they are giving you Value CLUES to what is important and VALUED in their life. And there is a part of their desires that is not being honored and fulfilled in their life, and they want to change it.


Wrap your recruiting around that value statement.

"If there was honestly a way, that I could help you obtain that in your life, would that be something you at least would want to be made aware of?"

And what you have done is put yourself in a "Value Posture" that will be felt through your recruiting process Whatever process you use, People MUST perceive value, and a POSTURE of value if you are to create a Minimum Objection environment. And when you do get objections, you can relate them back torepparttar 146045 value posture that tela them that you want what is best for them.

Another great question is:

"How will not havingrepparttar 146046 money you desire impact your family?"

"Again...if we could figure out a solution to obtaining what you want, then we can still createrepparttar 146047 positive change you want in your life for your family."

Continue a Value Posture, and keep it focused on what they want to change and enlarge in their life, and assure them they can.

There are many ways to neutralize objections. But understand: People will never object to someone truly, honestly, and with their best interest at heart, helping them to obtain what is valued or missing in their life.

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Stop Prospecting!

Written by Paul Harris

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Now what exactly does this mean for you? Well, instead of desperately pursuing anyone and everyone you can speak to about your MLM business, you will now only be speaking to people who are highly interested in owning their own business and have raised their hand, so to speak, as being interested in your specific information.

This accomplishes at least three extremely important things for your eventual MLM success.

First, it leverages your time so that you only spend your efforts with people who are more likely to join your program, thereby increasingrepparttar number of people who sign up under you.

Second, it greatly increases your confidence as you are now only dealing with people who are far less likely to reject your offer and are actually interested in speaking with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to speak with people who won’t hang up on you?

Third, this method also establishes something else important forrepparttar 145792 building of your downline. That is duplication. Just know for now that without duplication your downline cannot follow in your footsteps thereby lesseningrepparttar 145793 amount of money you can earn in your program.

I highly recommend that you immediately begin implementing some type of filtering system. Depending on your program and your personal needs there are many different options you can select from. As I am personally a big fan of usingrepparttar 145794 internet andrepparttar 145795 accompanying technology associated with it, I would recommend anyone interested in using this type of technology to get their own personal prospecting page, even if you already have a company self- replicating web page.

Paul Harris runs an excellent resource site for all network marketers, regardless of what MLM program you are promoting. With all generic MLM resources and training MLM Money 4 U is your source for improving your MLM business.

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