MLM Success- The MLM Quitters' Graveyeard of Dreams

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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The sound of this rings hollow, forrepparttar Training is not to be played with, but to be embraced and realize this is what breathes life intorepparttar 151206 Soul ofrepparttar 151207 Distributor's Dreams.

The bell of Regret rings with an empty sound because Playing at MLM training isrepparttar 151208 same thing as Playing with Land Mines. Both will explode underneath you without any warning.

I wished I would've been INrepparttar 151209 business, not just inrepparttar 151210 Computer.

The scent of realization sometimes hits hard, and can burn. But there is a certain mindset and heartset that you must acquire and grow. Ifrepparttar 151211 Business is not in you, then you are only inrepparttar 151212 computer, waiting to be deleted.

I wished I would've given it just once. All I had, to obtain all I wanted.

Most people never give 50% of their best, let alone 100%. That will kill a business quicker than anything. For this business doesn't require 100%. It DEMANDS IT! If you give it 100% for 90 days, as hard as you can go, you will never have a tombstone like this.

I wished I would not have been so good at Lieing to myself.

We all lie to ourselves in life. We all deceive ourselves to try to convince ourselves that we add up, that we are good enough, that we gave it all we had, and inrepparttar 151213 meantime we are killing our self respect because deep down inrepparttar 151214 recesses of our hearts, we know it isn't true. Andrepparttar 151215 cancer of "The Lie" eats away at our ability to face reality at what we are REALLY doing, and it slowly killsrepparttar 151216 belief in this Network Marketing business.

I wished I would've believed in me more.

The Pneumonia of Unworthiness is a killer. It can reach down inside of you and destroy everything that you strive to do. We all doubt ourselves in MLM, but it 'srepparttar 151217 ones who take a shot of "If they did it, I can do it' that survive and thrive in this business. You can believe in yourself more. Find someone who will let you lean on their belief while your's heals. Talk to an upline or someone in your company, and grab that Life Line of Truth that you are worthy and thatrepparttar 151218 Power of Greatness lies within you. You are just waiting to prove allrepparttar 151219 naysayers WRONG.

Let their Dreams die, but not yours.


You want to know what Tomb stands for?

Taking On Miniscule Belief.

Don't live inrepparttar 151220 Land of regret, and sail onrepparttar 151221 sea of "What could have been."

Talk to more people. Be more consistent. Truly Train your people. Be INrepparttar 151222 Business.

Give it ALL you have for 90 days. Quit Deceiving yourself, and Start Believing IN yourself.

Andrepparttar 151223 Life in your Network Marketing business will grow beyond anything you could ever imagine.

There will never be inrepparttar 151224 Graveyard of Dreams a Network Marketing tombstone with your name on it, if you DECIDE there won't be.

But that is YOUR DECISION.

Doug Firebaugh

PassionFire Intl

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What is Network Marketing

Written by Daegan Smith

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Now that'srepparttar technical definition, but I want to ask you a question . . .

What is network marketing to you?

Here's what it is to me . . .

It'srepparttar 151130 most powerful wealth creation vehicle onrepparttar 151131 planet. It'srepparttar 151132 gold rush ofrepparttar 151133 21st century. It's a powerful life changer. It's hard. It's frustrating at time. It's a roadmap to financial freedom. It's a character builder.

I guess when you sum it all up, network marketing is simply GREAT!

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