MLM Success- Blazing Top 52 MLM Success Tips- Part 1

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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14) “Find a good script to practice, and then reduce it into TALKING POINTS."

There are many great scripts that you can use to call people with, and your MLM company probably has one. Find a good one that you can connect with, and then reduce it to Bullet Points that you can use in your own style. Then PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

15) “Find a good third party tool to help in your recruiting and presentation effort.

Many times we have a tendency to focus onrepparttar doing everything ourselves, and we end up talking ourselves out ofrepparttar 147890 sale or recruit. Keep a tool handy to letrepparttar 147891 prospect look at, or listen to, and you can then have numerous presentations going on at once, using cds or dvds as presenters.

16) “Become a product ofrepparttar 147892 product- and a Success story as well."

You need to develop your own Personal Story, and your first 90 day story as well. Use your products and services, and become a Success at using them. Becomerepparttar 147893 BEST at whatrepparttar 147894 product can do, andrepparttar 147895 benefits it offers. Then use that story with your prospects to help sellrepparttar 147896 product line.

17) “Before approaching anyone, knowrepparttar 147897 4 Power Words."

The most powerful words that you can use in approaching people are "I NEED YOUR HELP." These words changerepparttar 147898 person's listening from "What do they want?" to "How can I help?" Psychologically , they are Trigger Words. They trigger our instincts to help. Use them. They are powerful.

18) " Set a time to start actually calling your warm market list, and write it down."

This little tip will help you focus in on when you are pullingrepparttar 147899 trigger to call your list, but also psychologically get you used torepparttar 147900 idea. Have your sponsor help if needed, with three ways. Either way, START CALLING.

19) "Ask for people's HELP, Time, Attention, Assistance, or Input- but NOT their Money."

People in MLM that come across like they have a dollar bill stuck on their forehead face massive resistance. Your prospect feels your hand already reaching for their money. Yes, you must get paid for what you do, but if you have a much better chance of doing business with them, if you ask for their help initially, vs. coming across like you want to sell them something. Seek their input FIRST, then seekrepparttar 147901 sale. You will be glad you did.

20) “You MUST learn how to Neutralize Objections. If you don't, they will neutralize you."

Objections are a training all by themselves. You must learn to neutralize them, and use them to work FOR YOU, not against you. Your company probably has a training on this, but if you do not, PassionFire does. If you learn how to master objections, you have learned how to master what stops most people cold in their tracks.

21) “Knowrepparttar 147902 Three S's of approaching your friends and family."

The three S's are" Short, Simple, Sincere." Keep your approach SHORT for impact, SIMPLE for duplication sake, and SINCERE so they will FEEL your approach, not just hear it. This will help improve your response dramatically.

22) “Understand that Recruiting and Selling are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! "

There are people out inrepparttar 147903 industry that will tell you recruiting is Selling, and Selling is Recruiting. They are wrong. Selling is Transaction based, and Recruiting is Transformation based. Selling is a one time event, where Recruiting births many events inrepparttar 147904 future. Selling is about CLOSING people. Recruiting is about OPENING futures. Don't be misled. They are 2 totally different processes, with different skill sets needed, no matter what some folks say.

23) “Understand that people are looking for SECURITY in some form from Network Marketing."

People are ultimately seeking an MLM Lifestyle, but also SECURITY of Lifestyle and Future. Know that when you are talking to them, and ask them what kind of Security is important to them.

24) “Promote HOPE- NOT HYPE!"

People today are too sharp to be hyped. Hype comes fromrepparttar 147905 head, and mouth. Hope comes fromrepparttar 147906 Heart and emotions. Don't hype someone, as you will come across like a huckster. Be sincere, come fromrepparttar 147907 heart, and talk to them aboutrepparttar 147908 Hope your company and products offer them, not getting rich. You can cover that part later, sincerely and heartfelt, when they have decided that your offer is worth listening to.

25) “It's ALL about LEADERSHIP- for you andrepparttar 147909 prospect."

People do not follow companies. People do not follow products. People do not follow compensation plans. People follow PEOPLE with STRENGTH. Keep focused onrepparttar 147910 Leadership factor. LEAD, don't just tell. Start walking, and take people with you. Leadership isrepparttar 147911 SECRET to Success in MLM.

26) " Always ASK for something to happen. If you do not, odds are, NOTHING will happen."

Powerful focus. Ask for Help. Ask for Appointments. Ask for Input.. Ask for Opinions. Ask for Referrals. Ask for Time. Ask forrepparttar 147912 Sale. Ask forrepparttar 147913 prospect to join you in your Success Journey. No matter what you do -- ASK FOR SOMETHING!

Part 2 ofrepparttar 147914 Blazing Top 52 MLM Success Tips coming soon!


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What Is An MLM Sponsor?

Written by Paul Pierce of

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1.Have a real sponsor. 2.Learn to be a real sponsor. 3.Develop others who will be real sponsors. 4.Teach them to teach others to be real sponsors.

The secret to Networking success is found in this:repparttar recruiter is not building a “multi-level” organization, it is all one level (and most of them will quit). The sponsor is building a duplicatable system that can run downline through his organization. This builds a powerful downline because it is built deep and strong.

What isrepparttar 147889 difference between a recruiter and a sponsor? It isrepparttar 147890 difference between “hype” and “help”. The sponsor’s job begins when you enroll;repparttar 147891 recruiter’s job is done when you enroll. The goal ofrepparttar 147892 recruiter is to sign up people. The goal ofrepparttar 147893 sponsor is to train leaders. Before asking yourself which you want to be, ask yourself which do you want your upline to be. Remember, you arerepparttar 147894 upline to other people. The key to success in Networking is found in two rules: 1.Be a sponsor. 2.Keep being a sponsor.

This article has been published in several Network Marketing magazines, both inrepparttar 147895 USA and in Europe, since 1986.

Paul Pierce has been a Networker for 25 years, 15 years full time. He is an ordained Baptist minister, a degreed Chemical Engineer, and has been one of the top distributors in five Network Marketing companies. He has built a 150,000 downline Team and another 100,000 downline Team. Paul’s website is

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