MLM Recruiting- Cold Market Prospecting- 5 HOT SCORCHING Opening Phrases

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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2) "I am introducing myself."

This sets up an important paradigm. You are takingrepparttar initiative to introduce and meet people inrepparttar 150244 community, and you are a take charge type of person. And it shows you really want to meet folks, as well it shows Leadership.

3) "I love networking with other professionals."

This states one thing: You value other professionals as a resource. And you also show that you appreciaterepparttar 150245 fact that networking does work inrepparttar 150246 business world And also that as a resource, a professional has value to you and your Network Marketing business, and vice versa.

4) "Maybe there is a way we could help each other."

This establishes that you are willing to Increase and Improve your prospects business and life. And also you do care about helping people, plus you are showing Potential value right upfront.

5) "Would you be open for coffee sometime?"

This isrepparttar 150247 proactive part of it, and it simply gives them a chance to engagerepparttar 150248 budding relationship,or not. Most professionals do have an interest in increasing their business, so you will get some interest, and some time with many of them.

But if they say they are not interested?

Be a professional, and thank them for their time and wish them well. And see if you can get a card for a thank you note to send them.

"May I at least have a card in case I run across someone who would want your services?"

Understand that you as a network marketer should be out weekly meeting folks who may need your products and looking for you. But most don't do that as they stay tied to one or two ways to prospect.

You need Multiple Lead Vehicles in Network Marketing.


Millionaires in this business have multiple lead generating vehicles working for them, allrepparttar 150249 time, everywhere, with anyone who is looking.

In your Cold market Network Marketing Prospecting, make sure of this:

You put yourself onrepparttar 150250 other side ofrepparttar 150251 table think about how would you like to be approached, and treated. Then do it, with these phrases or variations of them. And turn your Cold prospect into a warming up prospect, then eventually a Scorching HOT MLM Prospect.

It worked for me for years, and I was blessed to build huge organizations with these Cold Market Prospecting Phrases for MLM and Network Marketing Recruiting.


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My Magic Article Doubler

Written by Elaine Currie

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Those lovely links back to your website are one thing you want to achieve by publishing articles. There is, however, another way to use articles which you write yourself. If you write an article and publish in only on your own Blog or your own website,repparttar search engines will look favourably upon you since one ofrepparttar 150243 things they are reputed to like is unique content. Now you have a dilemma. Which is better for promoting your online marketing business: broadcasting an article forrepparttar 150244 links andrepparttar 150245 possibility of making sales to people who click through from your resource box link or makingrepparttar 150246 article a unique feature of your website?

Dilemma solved: it is really quite easy to do both. You can userepparttar 150247 same article for widespread publicity for your online marketing business as well as for unique website content. The way to achieve this is to make subtle changes torepparttar 150248 article after it has been submitted torepparttar 150249 article directories for publication. You can write an additional paragraph (which preferably should be rich in your chosen keywords) for use withrepparttar 150250 article only on your website or make subtle changes throughoutrepparttar 150251 article. With a little practice you will be able to do both these things in practically no time at all and produce two quite different pieces of search engine bait from one article. By doing this you can effectively and easily doublerepparttar 150252 advertising value of each article you write.

Ok, I know it's not really magic but you'll find it works like a charm!

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