MLM Prospecting - The 7 Key Traits to a More Likely to Succeed MLM Lead

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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When you are recruiting folks look for these 7 things--and each one is worth 1 star. Addrepparttar stars up after rating a prospect, andrepparttar 145442 higherrepparttar 145443 number,repparttar 145444 betterrepparttar 145445 candidate.

1) 25 years or older.

2) Married.

3) Has a child.

4) Has a fulltime job.

5) Has a Bank Account.

6) Owns a Home.

7) Can afford to invest a little money in their business.

OK--Why these particular 7 things? Because they show 3 things aboutrepparttar 145446 prospect:

1) Solidity in their life

2) Obligation torepparttar 145447 future

3) Strong Reasons to do better in Life


You are looking forrepparttar 145448 5's, 6's, and 7's. But if you are talking to a 2 or a 3, well, that is your call, as there are broke people who have come into this industry and done amazing things. But they arerepparttar 145449 exception. Odds are they won't do a whole lot in Network Marketing.

If someone is 25 or older, it has been proven that they have taken MLM more seriously as a future. Yes, I know there are exceptions, andrepparttar 145450 Gen X folks are doing this business, but they are around 25 and up anyway.

If they are married, have kids, are working, own a home, and have a bank account, it shows they are probably MATURE enough to do this MLM business and RESPONSIBLE. These are KEY traits to successful folks in a home business.

Rate each prospect you have with this formula and work first withrepparttar 145451 ones who are 5-6-7 onrepparttar 145452 scale, and then callrepparttar 145453 others. You must call allrepparttar 145454 folks you know, as they will at least be willing to help you in some way. But understand--there are Potential STARS on your list. You now know how to Definerepparttar 145455 "More Likely" to succeed that will be really serious about this business. Plus you now know who will be "Less likely" to be interested as well.

Your names you have on your list are your inventory, and you build your success equity in your group with those names. Make sure you chooserepparttar 145456 inventory "More Likely" to build equity and success in your group, instead of ending up with total frustration and discouragement -- in MLM Prospecting and MLM Leads.

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MLM Recruiting Success Training- The 5 C's of MLM Recruiting

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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AMEN! You need to become a Master Communicator. If you do, you will have Mastered your paycheck!

3) "Consistency".

The people we interviewed, ALL were day at a time, brick at a time consistent. Day in, Day out they worked their business. They worked methodically, relentlessly, absolutely. They had a Plan they followed and a Road map to where they were going, in writing.

They worked when they didn't FEEL LIKE WORKING, and worked when they had planned on it. The Millionaires I interviewed said that it wasrepparttar one at a time day at a time focus that built their MLM business and they couldn't ask their people to do what they were not doing.

They also said that Consistency helped them get throughrepparttar 145363 inevitable rough periods of this business, and also sharpened their skills dramatically.

4) "Connection."

The top earners again, all had one thing in common: They CONNECTED to people in a powerful way. They all focused on finding a commonality to whom they were talking to. They all wanted to getrepparttar 145364 person smiling quickly, and often. They asked aboutrepparttar 145365 person and what was important to them, and then Connected to that value or dream.

They spent a large portion ofrepparttar 145366 time simply becoming their prospects Friend. (MAJOR CLUE!) And then driving that Connection deeper and more powerful. As one number one earner said, "All we want to do is befriendrepparttar 145367 prospect. It is easier to recruit a friend then a stranger."

And also, they all had a DEEPER CONNECTION torepparttar 145368 Company's vision and values thenrepparttar 145369 average distributor. They were not JUST a distributor, but a PARTNER torepparttar 145370 MLM vision, and that made them MAGNETIC!!!!!

5) "Caring."

The earners I interviewed all had a sense of caring and Compassion about them. Again, there were a few exceptions, but not many. All had a focus of helping people and empowering them, and caring about what was best forrepparttar 145371 person. As one top earner said,"If you don't care, neither willrepparttar 145372 prospect." AMEN!

Caring was a trait that most whom was interviewed viewed as a necessity, not an option. Andrepparttar 145373 few who only cared about their paycheck, most of them averaged almost 50% less in their check then those who cred aboutrepparttar 145374 prospect more than their check. (CLUE!!!!)

Many said that people can feel your caring, and are attracted to that. And they can also feel your selfishness, and are repelled by that. Caring was a BASE trait that all said was a HUGE factor in their Success.

What do you care about? Paycheck...or people?

What's Best forrepparttar 145375 prospect...or what's best for you?

What isrepparttar 145376 right thing forrepparttar 145377 prospect, or what you think isrepparttar 145378 right thing for your paycheck?

Your answers to those point to your destiny in this Network Marketing industry.

These arerepparttar 145379 "5 C's" of Master MLM Recruiting that was found inrepparttar 145380 PassionFire Recruiting Project....

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Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM trainers in the world, and his training ezine is read by over a million people a month. You can receive a free subscription at:

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