MLM Network Marketing

Written by Lana Hampton

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Give it some thought. As a traditional marketer, you may be quite happy withrepparttar handful of existing customers you have got. But imaginerepparttar 141841 potential of having a downline of, say, a hundred people who also make some sales and you earning a percentage of all those sales!! By having a downline working under you, you can effectively multiplyrepparttar 141842 time you put into your work. Imagine having a downline of a 1000 people each putting in only an hour a day five days a week. In one month 20,000 hours of work would be done. It would take one person alone 10 years to producerepparttar 141843 same amount of work.

So it IS possible, you know, to make huge amounts of monthly incomes from mlm network marketing. It isnít all hype. All you need is some hard work and basic intelligence, as in any other job. So why not try and make this work? After all, you wonít have to dorepparttar 141844 9 to 5 grind five days a week. Youíll have more time for your family and yourself. Donít you find that wonderful?

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Multilevel Marketing

Written by Helen Peshkova

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3. Easy Money. Network distributors who are successful know their products, their customers,repparttar company's vision, and are ready to do that which is necessary "hard work". A distributor whose mind-set is on laying a "foundation" rather than looking for easy money will be around a lot longer.

4. Be cautious of plans that claim you will make money through continued growth of your "downline" --repparttar 141840 commissions on sales made by new distributors you recruit -- rather than through sales of products you make yourself.

5. Don't pay or sign any contracts in an "opportunity meeting" or any other high-pressure situation. Insist on taking your time to think over a decision to join. Talk it over with your spouse, a knowledgeable friend, an accountant or lawyer.

6. Do your homework! Check with your local Better Business Bureau and state Attorney General about any plan you're considering -- especially whenrepparttar 141841 claims aboutrepparttar 141842 product or your potential earnings seem too good to be true.

Top MLM Companies

1. Amway Corporation - A Global Leader in Multilevel Marketing 2. Dorling Kindersley Opportunity selling children's books. 3. The Body Shop Offers skin and hair care products with information covering campaigns, values and company. 4. Golden Neo-Life Diamite International A multi-level marketing company selling nutritional products and water filtration systems. 5. Nu Skin Enterprises Corporate site. Direct selling company with three divisions, Big Planet, Nu Skin and Pharmanex. 6. Big Planet An internetworking company offering a financial opportunity to a vast network of sales representatives. 7. Herbalife International Corporate site. Independent distributor offer selling personal care and nutritional products. 8. Avon Products, Inc. Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling cosmetics, clothing, toys, perfume, jewelry, books, and videos. 9. Tupperware Official U.S. web site with products available for sale, and information on parties. Work at home career opportunities. 10. Seasilver USA Offering nutritional supplements. Includes distributor information.

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